The Shaman (original: Szaman)

The award-winning music video for “Szaman,” the first single from the new album "Nieoczywistość, which is shot almost entirely underwater. The first ever concert of Polish artists under water presented in the context of a moving story about illness, passing, death, the problem of euthanasia, eternal life, the continuity of our energy carried by our children, traces and memories that remain after us on earth in music, art, creations of our life ... Real father and son appeared in the video, symbolically replacing each other on the earth, also in the band, after the death of the former. The water, being the whole life of the father, becomes the place of his end, but also the beginning, the source of his son's life, a symbolic closure of the past and the nucleus of his artistic path ...

  • Bartosz Stróżyński
  • Bartosz Stróżyński
  • Bartosz Stróżyński
  • Bartosz Stróżyński
    Underwater Cinematographer
  • Bartosz Stróżyński
  • NIEME KINO Music Band
    Key Cast
  • Kamil Stróżyński
    Key Cast
  • Bartosz Niemy Stróżyński
    Key Cast
  • Piotr Schupke
    Key Cast
  • Marcin Strzelczuk
    Key Cast
  • Flavio Gullotta
    Key Cast
  • Completion Date:
    November 4, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    1,000 USD
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  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
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  • Bartosz Niemy Stróżyński
    Country: Worldwide
    Rights: All Rights
Director Biography - Bartosz Stróżyński

Professional underwater and wildlife filmmaker and photographer, songwriter, leader of Nieme Kino band, producer of multimedia projects. (

Fascinated by the Arctic and Antarctica, specializing in underwater film and photography, winter photography, photography of aquatic mammals and underwater photography in rivers. Filming for documentary and feature film productions. Author of books and articles on diving and underwater photography published, among others in National Geographic Magazine, Foto, Scuba Diver Through the Lens, Scuba Diving Magazine, X-Ray Mag, Sport Diver.

Awarded in many international competitions, including the prestigious Krakow Mountain Film Festival, International Photography Awards, Siena Awards, GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Por el Planeta, Magellan Prize & National Geographic Great Photographic Competition.

Founder and Head of „Three Arts in Antarctica”, unprecedented culture and art project in polish media. (

Director, producer and underwater cinematographer of film documentary „Three Arts in Antartica”, published in 2020, awarded with Best Polish Film prize on Krakow Mountain Film Festival, in official selection of Humandoc Festival, OnArt Poland Festival, Krakow Green Film Festival, Wildlife Conservation Film Festival NY & LA, Tofifest Film Festival, Krakow Mountain Film Festival, International Ocean Film Festival, World Whale Film Festival, Korea International Ocean Film Festival.

Author of the photography book "AntArktyka. Podwodne zauroczenie" published by National Geographic in 2014 (Underwater Arctics and Antarctica).

Author of the travel book „Three Arts in Antarctica" published by Bezdroża in 2018.

Author of the photographic exhibitions „The best of underwater obsession” and „Three Arts in Antarctica” published in 2017.

Author and producer of music album „The saddest car around” by Nieme Kino published in 2018. (

Author of of music album „Private only”, published in 2011.

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Director Statement

It is music video I planned to make for many years. Finally I managed to complete it in late 2021. It was amazing journey, experimental picture, first time full time music video made underwater with no professional actors, just the Nieme Kino band and a lot of enthusiasm from people who want to get underwater and play there on instruments. It was also very personal picture, because I played there with my son. I was Shaman and dying old mature man and he was a young boy getting transformed from my energy flooded in the lake into new being. Young man bringing my energy and art forward by his character, appearance, memory and DNA, but also by joining symbolically that time my band Nieme Kino as keyboard player...