Mud Buddha Festival

"Mud Buddha Festival", also known as "Buddha patrolling fields", is a folk custom of spring cultivation of Hakka people in Western Fujian. On the 12th day of the first lunar month, Juhe villagers carried the statue of Lord Guandi to their ancestral halls. After sacrifice rites, young and strong men from that lineage carried the sedan chair with Lord Guandi in it and ran in the paddy field of their clan, people played with each other in the mud, they believe that would make the God happy and also wake up the land for spring ploughing.

  • 張鳳英
  • 甯元乖
  • 許雪蓮
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    1 hour 9 minutes
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Director Biography - 張鳳英, 甯元乖

ZHANG Fengying,Born in Fujian province, Ph.D. of the Chinese University of HongKong.

GUI Shuzhong, Born in Ninghua of Fujian province, formally named Ning Yuanguai, is poet, documentary film director and member of editorial board of the book Film Author. He has been doing image recording of hakka folk customs in western Fujian province.His works including five long documentary films: Yukou Paper, Old Genealogy, Chronicles of Hulling Rice, Seven Sages Temple and Revive, and several short ones, such as Wugong Sutra and The Ballad of Spring Sheri. His works have attended the art festival Grain God Narrative of Shanghai Biennial “Urban Project”and Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival and won “The Postnatal Film Award” of the 4th Postnatal Biennial Cultural Art Award.

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