Sweet Sixteen

A cold open for a proposed tv show called "Sweet Sixteen" that follows an unexpected town's lives and the fear that comes when girls come to age.

Fake Show Name: Sweet Sixteen
Fake Show Bio: Girls wait for the magical day of their sweet sixteen to further blossom them into beautiful and mature women, but this is not the case in White Bird, Idaho as it is one of the most feared days. Out in the shadows lurks an infamous serial killer who is known to through his own live-streamed birthday for an unlucky teenage girl. This is his story through the lens of a kind old milkman.

  • Hailey Featherston
  • Hailey Featherston
  • Hailey Featherston
  • Hailey Featherston
    Key Cast
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - El Dorado High School
Director - Hailey Featherston