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Sushi bath salts

Act 1 summary

The story opens with the characters introducing themselves. Maryi is a stripper wishing for a better life to escape the way she lives, and away from her heroin addicted mother.

Jarvis is the hood hitman who loves killing people for his own pleasure, and the money he gets for doing it.

Father Mathew is a priest who’s trying his best to turn his life over to the Lord, but he can’t seem to shake his addiction to drugs and little boys.

Lavell is the local drug dealer who feels people who sell drugs are not the problem because people know the outcome of using what he sells.

Justin believes people who do drugs shouldn’t be judged because they’re no different from anybody else with a vice.

Officer Steven Ward wonders if they just let anybody become an officer or if they know the difference between a dedicated officer and someone using the badge to do whatever they want?

Max is a drug kingpin who believes the only way you can stay on top is to show no emotions, and keep everyone beneath you.

Act 2 summary

Inside the church, Lavell and Mathew have a short biblical conversation and when they’re finished, Mathew walks off to get the drugs Max has stashed to give to Lavell.

Max requests Jarvis to do a hit for him but before he gets into the details, he asks Jarvis how he feels about Lavell. Jarvis replies unless he wants him dead, that’s not his business. Jarvis takes the job, and warns Max to make sure he has his money when it’s done.

After a long day of work, Maryi calls her mother on the way home to see if she needs anything, and all her mother can think about is getting her fix, which places Maryi in a lower place than she already is, knowing her mother only cares about the next high.

That night when Jarvis kills all of the people in the drug spot, when he goes to search for the drugs and money, he becomes confused when he sees Lavell’s brother Justin. Jarvis lets him live, but at that moment he ponders on why Max didn’t inform him Justin would be there.

Later after the shooting, Steven arrives on the scene and questions Justin. They two get into a small argument because of their history. Steven tries to blame what happened on Lavell and Justin doesn’t go along with it. With nothing to hold him on, Steven has no choice but to let him go.

Mathew is in his room getting drunk while watching a gospel program. As he reads over the bible, he begins confessing his love for the Lord. Within a few minutes, he passes out at his desk, and we see inside of the bible are pictures of half naked little boys.

When Maryi arrives home, she gets into an argument with her mother about her drug addiction, but the only thing her mother cares about is if she brought the heroin. Disgusted, Maryi gives her mother the heroin and then walks off.

Lavell calls Maryi to try and arrange a date, but Maryi isn’t in the mood because of the conversation with her mother. When he hangs up, Justin informs him he ran into Steven but he didn’t tell him anything.

Jarvis is at home getting drunk, wondering why Max didn’t tell him about Justin. Thinking he was set up, he calls Max to verify if what he’s thinking is true. The way the conversation goes, Jarvis comes to the conclusion he was set up, and now he has to find a way to kill Max before he has him killed.

While patrolling the streets, Steven comes across a young prostitute he has no shame in paying for a night of fun, but she has no idea the true plans Steven has in mind for her.

Max and his right hand man Cordell are having a conversation about the difference between real gangsters and actors. When the conversation is done, Max tells Cordell tomorrow will be the day when he gets to kill Jarvis after he tells him a few things he doesn’t know, but needs to know.

Act 3 summary

While watching her mother throwing up violently in the toilet, Maryi comes to the conclusion it’s time to move on with her life, and start a serious relationship with Lavell.

Justin ends up getting jumped outside of the liquor store, but luckily for him Steven was in the area, and he kills the people who were beating on him, along with one of the people recording. Helping Justin into his car, Steven calls Lavell and tells him what happened and he’ll bring Justin to him.

Jarvis feels it in his gut he’s going to die tonight, so he decides to get drunk while loading up his guns prepared to meet his fate at Max’s house.

While delivering a sermon, Mathew believes something is going to happen this evening, but he’s not sure if it’s good or bad.

As he relaxes in his sauna, Max regrets he broke the rules to the drug game, and tonight will be his time to put things back in order, and reclaim his spot at the top alone.

Steven drops Justin off that night, and because of the argument between him and Lavell, Justin finds out the reason why he’s hooked on drugs is because his father and Mathew used to molest him as a child and they made him take drugs. He also finds out Lavell isn’t his real brother.

Maryi is at the club getting drunk trying to figure out who she really is on the inside because her mother made her believe she’s worthless. One of the other strippers comes over and cheers her up, and that makes Maryi decide to call Lavell to meet her at her house so she can pack her things and start her new life.

Not too long after the argument with Lavell, Steven is coming out of a restaurant and he’s greeted by cops who place him under arrest. Steven is confused, but there’s nothing he can do about the situation.

Justin confronts Mathew inside of the confession box. He gives Mathew a chance to explain what he did to him when he was a child. In fear for his life, Mathew rehashes the past, and when he’s finished, Justin blows his brains out.

As Steven is being interrogated about the murders he committed, Steven claims what he did is justifiable because he was protecting a citizen. As he tries to argue his claim, the officer says the real reason why he’s under arrest and being interrogated is because of the rape and murder of the prostitute he was with. That’s when Steven explains his hatred for African-Americans, and vows after he’s cleared from the charges and released, he’ll continue where he left off.

Maryi brings Lavell to meet her mother and to pack up some of her things, and that’s when Lavell and Maryi find out they’re brother and sister. Maryi is disgusted by the news, but Lavell figures since they can’t change what happened, they might as well remain a couple. Maryi leaves the room disgusted, and Lavell takes a seat with his mother and sparks up a conversation. While the two are laughing about the situation, Maryi comes back shooting Lavell dead, and her mother in the shoulder. While standing over her body, she asks her mother if a fix was always more important than her, and right after her mother says yes, she shoots her in the head.

Justin is relaxing in the park feeding the ducks, recapping his life, and that’s when he decides he’s going to change and go clean. Coming back to reality, he’s in his cluttered room getting high with a .38 special to his head. Realizing he’s a junkie that’ll never change and the drugs can no longer cloud his mind from what happened to him as a child, he takes his own life.

Jarvis bloody down on his knees in front of Cordell and Max in his dining room. Before Max kills him, he explains he set him up to kill Justin because he figured if he did, Lavell would try to kill him and he knows Jarvis would kill Lavell so that would be someone else out the way. Max follows that up with a question, asking Jarvis would he kill someone he loves to reach the top. Jarvis replies yes, and at that moment, Max tells Jarvis he shouldn’t be offended when he kills his brother. Cordell and Jarvis are confused, but before either one of them can speak, Max blows Cordell’s brains out. Jarvis and Max are now in a standoff, and that’s when Max tells him he’s his father, and he was breeding him as a child to be a killer before his mother took him away. Tired of hearing the truth Max is saying, Jarvis opens fire on him, and Max returns fire.

Sitting by the water in her truck, Maryi speaks on how people swear they’re different, but we’re really all the same, with a little twist to make it seem like we’re different and we’re really not. Still disgusted by the news she found out, Maryi injects herself with a speedball. Leaning back in her seat slowly dying, Maryi says for once she can finally start enjoying life.

As Jarvis leans against the wall on his last few breaths, he explains how loyalty means nothing if the person has no loyalty for you if they can no longer use you. He also says when there’s no one else to try and kill you, and there’s nobody who will attempt to kill you because of who you are, the only thing a real killer can do is take their own life to end the madness. Those are his last words before he blows his brains out.

Months later, Steven is in the men’s shower complaining that despite the justice system letting him down, the people who agree with his cause will help him continue to kill African-Americans while he’s locked up. As he continues showering, four husky Caucasian men enter. Steven thinks they’re there to embrace him, which is the conversation they begin to make him believe that’s the reason why they are there. Within a few seconds, Steven finds out they appreciate what he did, but considering he’s an African-American, it doesn’t give him a pass. Steven tries to talk his way out of the situation, but it doesn’t work to his favor, and the men end up raping him.

Now the story goes back and explains how they became the people they are.

First we see Young Max finishing up a game of basketball with his father. His father goes on to tell him the rules of the dope game, and how he killed his friend to become number one.

Fast forwarding, we see Young Lavell sitting at the kitchen table placing coins in his piggy-bank. Max comes to the table placing a stack of money in front of him. Max asks if he wants to count change and save for the rest of his life or learn how to make some real money. Young Lavell is anxious to make the money Max is making, so Max sits down and starts explaining the rules of the dope game to him.

Young Jarvis is in his room heated about dying in the violent video game he was playing. His step father comes in and begins explaining that video games and movies are entertainment, and he shouldn’t take them seriously. Young Jarvis asks him why he’s allowed to play violent video games and watch violent movies if it’s only entertainment. His step father tells him before he met his mother, she already allowed him to play violent games and watch violent movies. Young Jarvis needs more answers, but his step father tells him they can speak about it when his mother comes home. When his step father leaves the room, Young Jarvis goes back to playing the game with murderous intentions in his eyes.

Young Shavon is playing with her dolls, when her mother comes in delivering the harsh message of selling your body is the route she should take, considering that’s all a man would want from a woman, so she might as well get paid for it, instead of giving it away for free.

While Justin is playing in his parents room, he discovers his father’s pornographic male on male magazines. His father walks in, and Young Justin looks at him confused. His father tells him that’s how men express their love for each other. Young Justin is confused, but his father goes on to say it’s normal because men have a love for each other that can’t be explained nor is it something women will understand. Young Justin wants to experience the love his father is talking about because he doesn’t know any better.

His father is happy to oblige him, just as long as he doesn’t tell his mother, take some of the bath salts he’ll give him that he calls candy and he has to express the love men have for each other with Father Mathew as well. Not knowing what he’s agreeing to, Young Justin goes along with what his father said.

Young Mathew is playing in his room when his father comes in drunk asking him if he’s ready for his bath. Young Mathew doesn’t want his father giving him a bath because he knows what will happen, so he tries to talk himself out of it. His father mentions the bible, and that’s all he needs to break Young Mathew down. As Young Mathew leaves the room, his father shoves him and lets him know the bath tonight will be more aggressive.

Young Steven witnesses his mother get beat up by one of her clients and before the man leaves, he tells Young Steven this is the proper way he should treat black women because that’s all they’re worth. Young Steven tries to comfort his mother, and sadly she agrees with what the man said, and then tells Young Steven he should abide by those rules because African-American people are no good just like Caucasians view them, and he should treat them the same way. She gives him a kiss, and then tells him not to worry about her because she has to get cleaned up for her next client arriving in a matter of minutes.

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