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Surviving the Rona pandemic

Surviving the Rona Pandemic
Comedy adventure
Four young black women scammers with particular abilities get together by chance to
dismantle the biggest plot in human history behind the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.
RAVEN, a brilliant but socially awkward black 21-years-old college student is trying to fit
into her new school but her family’s poor economic situation makes it difficult for her to
blend in with her new privileged friends. She can’t afford new clothes so she decides to rob
a Macy’s at midnight and ends up stumbling upon ALEXA, a mixed-race regular shoplifter
hyperactive girl that talks crazy slang words. They end up getting caught by the police and
are thrown into a nearby lock up. There, they meet Mexican-American scammer
CLAUDIA, who barely understands English and messes up everything she says,
especially Alexa’s crazy slang mumbling. Claudia and her boyfriend CJ are scammers who
disguise as FBI agents, a priest and a nun performing fake exorcisms, fake insurance
agents, etc., but always mess up somehow their own plans.
Raven, Claudia and Alexa are transferred to a woman’s facility, realizing they’re just
struggling minorities trying to make ends meet, wishing for something better. Then, they
meet mysterious Venezuelan cyber-hacker VERONICA who warns them about a
dangerous virus spreading in China, that will soon take over the world and open a window
for cyber hacking online banking accounts and credit card online scams since everything
will be handled through the web because of the regulatory quarantine lockdowns. She
invites them to be part of her online scamming ring but they decline, thinking she’s being
paranoid. They are all bailed out of jail and move on with their lives.
The COVID-19 pandemic hits, the girl’s relative get sick and quarantined, and the girls and
CJ realize Veronica was right so they look her up and form the scamming ring. They go on
a rampage of online crimes like fake transactions, redirecting money transfers, fake bank
accounts, mobile apps frauds, etc. Coronavirus cases rise up, and chain fast food
Popeye’s chicken sandwich sells spike at the same time a pharmaceutical corporation
“PHARMA CORP”’s stocks hit the roof. Veronica proposes hacking the corporation’s bank
account, make a big hit and then retire for good to avoid being tracked down.
However, during their hacking scam, they realize Pharma Corp. is hiding more than just
illegal transactions in the stock market as they find out that the corporation is part of a
worldwide plot to spread the virus everywhere and make profits out of it with the vaccines
and medical protection implements. The corporation uses fast food chains like Popeye’s to
spread the virus through their meals, like the sandwich. The girls come up with a scheme
to unravel the plot, taking down people involved, getting more information and pranking
them into ridiculous situations like pretending to cut someone’s testicles when in fact they
are just dipping them in marinara sauce. They get caught and the big boss behind all of this is revealed to them: RYAN KELLY,
senator of the United States, former governor of New York. They realize that the plot goes
from having state police officers involved, to branches of the government and other world
leaders. They make Kelly confess and record him with a microphone that Alexa stuffs
inside of her vagina.
They use decoy fake policemen, Mexican friends of Claudia and CJ, to pretend they are
being arrested and taken out of the picture when in fact they help them escape and reveal
the whole plot to the world. Kelly and everyone involved are stopped and thrown to jail,
they release a vaccine and stop the virus. The girls and CJ disappear, change identities
and escape to Florida to live undercover with a big cut they stole from the corporation
before it was seized by the Feds.
35 Home street, Southwest Grand Rapids, MI 49507
(616) 485-0693

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  • Daniel Noel
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Writer Biography - Jonathan Bowman, Daniel Noel

Jonathan Bowman Biography
My name is Jonathan Bowman. I live in Michigan, Grand Rapids for the past years and I’m a businessman who has been struggling to survive in a bias society where black men like me have to put that extra notch to make it through while being a minority.
Poor life choices and bad companies led me to some mistakes that got me into jail. Now, being an ex-convict, I also face the prejudices of society when looking for a job, a loan, credit or even an opportunity.
Home wasn’t exactly a dream either. My mother struggled to make ends meet (and history repeated itself with me, fighting every day of my life to make sure my kids and my girl have enough to eat), and through her struggles I saw the bias that women have to deal with in society like being paid less, not being considered or heard. Our ghetto like neighborhood wasn’t exactly the place either to pick up role models, surrounded by hustlers, dealers, ex-convicts and basically people who just looked for ways to make it through.
My mom and grandmother barely take care of me, my father wasn’t around, never really knew him. I know, another tragic story behind the absent black father, right? But it is this very same circumstances and background that led me to write about the things that need attention in life and within society. Everything wrong about the world and about us as human beings, isolated from one another, not caring enough about the things that really matter in life like love, family, health and friends.
All of those problems accumulated against the shambles of a terrible foundation beneath my feet, but I still carried on, I moved on, I grew. I made my own mistakes and saw everyone else’s too, witnessing and having enough to write about, hoping someone will listen one day to my stories so they too can reflex and learn from them, avoiding my blunders and learning to be better persons for themselves and those around them. But altogether, united as one, the only way to stand.
The stories I present to you in my scripts, skits and books are just a reflection of the hardships of minorities. The hardships that people have to face just because they are different, believe different things or live in a different way that other people do. Minorities, gays, transgender, Latinos, Black men, Women… we all deserve a shot. We all deserve to be heard. Thus, I write for them. I write to give them a voice. I write to entertain them and educate them. I write to let them know we too have the capacity to go big, to make it and to get to the top. Never give up.

35 Home street, Southwest Grand Rapids, MI 49507
(616) 485-0693

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Writer Statement

Jonathan Bowman, Writer’s Statement
My work is better suited for studio animations but they can also easily fit in studio film productions with a great variety of actors in casting. It specifically addresses minorities within any societal structure, that is, members of the LGBTQ community, black community, Latino community, women and any other part of society that somewhat lacks proper representation in different branches like politics, economic or social areas of our communities in general.
Each story/script of my work features a great range of narratives, following short and long stories with different characters’ arc over the course of their development. They either grow as persons and learn from their experiences or suffer the decline of an involution as part of the counter-narrative that is thrown back to them because of their own wrong decisions.
The content of the work has various connotation within emotional branches but also looks forward to entertain people with comical situations and fast-paced drama and action packed circumstances, depending on the genre of the script. It also shows psychological traits of mental diseases like PTSD for the sake of educating the audience in the graveness of such illnesses so they can learn from them and be more empathic around those who suffer those delicate conditions.
Additionally, female protagonists are often chosen to portray the hardships of female minorities, their struggles as mothers having low income jobs and having to provide for their families, including the repercussions of economically limited lifestyles onto their sons, specifically black families. But also, black male protagonists are often chosen to show their hardships too and give another perspective of how it is to live inside their shoes and forced decisions to provide for their families, couples and themselves, in a system that pushes them over the edge of not too many good options.
The primary purpose is to both entertain audiences and provoke personal reflections that make them grow and rethink their life choices to pursue better things for themselves and society. At the same time, I hope to dismantle some myths within society that harm people’s general thinking, teaching them wrong ways of living like masculinity misconceptions (“be a man!”), LGBTQ communities prejudices, minorities being mistreated and so on.
My aim, above all the things and objectives, will always be to educate other people in order to build a better society for everyone in it. And to ensure such goal, the scripts recur to deep dialogues between tough situations that make people reflex and relate to the character’s situations.

35 Home street, Southwest Grand Rapids, MI 49507
(616) 485-0693