SSFF is a comedy film festival and competition.

The theme for this year's Sunshine Short Film Festival is comedy.

For the 2020 Festival, we are removing the 5-minute limit and opening the festival to comedy films of any length. We all need all the laughs we can get.

There is AUD$6,000.00 worth of prize money to be shared. (approx US$4000.00)

Our festival theme this year encourages filmmakers to take an optimistic perspective on life and to try and see the funny side of things. We do encourage you to define comedy yourself.

We will not consider any content that supports racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive attitudes or behaviours but we do welcome content that takes aim at such attitudes particularly if you are funny about it! Have a laugh, get a laugh.

AUD$6,000.00 in prizes

First prize is AUD$1,500.00 (approx US$1000.00) as judged by a panel of Film Industry professionals.

If you are a filmmaker within the state of Victoria, Australia you are also eligible for the audience vote prizes:
First Prize - AUD$1,000.00
Second Prize - AUD$750.00
Third Prize - AUD$500.00

The full list of rules and regulations is on our website:

In summary:
Those who submit the films to the festival must have complete rights to the film and all aspects of the content.

Films should not be currently available to the general public on any online platform.

Entrants who reside outside of Victoria, Australia must pay an AUD$15.00 (approx US$10.00) nonrefundable entry fee.