SUNSET JUNCTION FILM FESTIVAL is a film-driven, community-based celebration of cinema and the wonderful and eclectic mix of people and cultures that is Silver Lake. Spanning three-days in the heart of Silver Lake - Sunset Junction - this walkable festival seeks to bring the filmmaking communities together with a singular celebration of of what binds them - the love and appreciation of film. SJFF is partnering with some of the most amazing local businesses and organizations to create a true 'community festival'.

All prize winners will receive a special day-long master class with an incredible filmmaker who will answer their question and drop some knowledge bombs.

An awards ceremony will be held on the closing night of the festival, with awards handed out based on the votes of a jury made up of industry professionals from across the spectrum. Some awards will be cash prizes, while others will be of an educational nature.

Best Narrative Feature
Best Narrative Short
Best Documentary Feature
Best Documentary Short
Spirit of Los Angeles Award

Audience Awards will also be given out based on audience voting.


-films must meet one of two criteria: (1) the filmmaker(s) is Los Angeles-based; and/or (2) the film was shot predominantly in or around Los Angeles; if your film doesn't meet these criteria, DO NOT SUBMIT, as your film will not be considered
-films MUST be 120-minutes or under in length
-films MUST NOT be available to screen online prior to screening
-films MUST be available to screen on Blu-Ray format


-NO REFUNDS - make sure you read the requirements before you submit
-submitting your film does not guarantee we will program it
-we do accept works-in-progress as long as we are informed in advance