The Sun Film Festival is an international contest that looks for the best shorts in the world.
We are in the second edition, repaginated.
The first edition was just in virtual mode. But now the Sun Film Festival is a screening festival that will be occurs in São Lourenço city, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
It will be a great opportunity to visit the event as you can as also for have your movie exhibited for a great public.
São Lourenço is a pleasant tourist city located in the south of Minas Gerais and has excellent hotel infrastructure. The city is much visited for its characteristics of hydromineral resort and for its tranquil lifestyle.
The target of Sun Film Festival is the quality of the movies.
Certificates for all films accepted.
Statue for the winner.
The trophy will be created by a local designer/artist.
Submit your film.

The only category in this contest is "The Best Short '.
So, let us know which the best!


Shorts produced since 2015 to 2018 can participate;
All genres (ficcion, documentary, experimental, etc);
Maximum duration of 20 minutes;
Submissions by FilmFreeway plataform;
Remember to set your movie on Vimeo as 'downloadable';
All films must have english subtitles;
The quality of resolution must be 1080P at least;
Only a entry per director/legal representant;
Not will be accepted entry of the same movie in different SUN FILM FESTIVAL editions;
The only one FEE for submission is U$ 10,00 to costs of this event (theater, screenings and awards).

The juri is composed by professionals and its decision is final;
Accepted films as well the winner will be announced in SUN FILM FESTIVAL webpage and comunicated by email.

The certificates will be send to email for representants of selected movies.
The 'Best Short' trophy will be send to fisical address of winner. The costs of international shipping will be by responsability of SUN FILM FESTIVAL organization, if possible sending as standard shipping and respecting international shipping rules and its limits. If not  possible the shipping, the winner will receive by email a Special Certificate of its award.

Video link of selected films can be displayed for promotional purposes;
Producers/directors must have the rights of images and sounds of their films.

The registration fee will not be returned to the participants in the event of their withdrawal or anyone other situation.

All participants must agree with these rules.
Issues not covered by these rules must be resolved by the Festival's management and its decision will be final.