SunChild International Environmental Festival, established by the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Asset (FPWC), is the 1st and so far the only environmental festival holding on in the South Caucasus region.

More than 750 films from 150 countries around the world were screened over the last 15 years of existence. The film fest includes various activities such as carnival marches, dozens of workshops, conferences, and exhibitions. All events are eye-catching due to their colorful and unique approaches.
The festival ''travels’’ in the regions of Armenia throughout the whole year, involving a large number of children and youth, facilitating identification and creative solutions to community environmental issues by organizing thematic film screenings, discussions, and other initiatives, encouraging and supporting take action locally.
The festival aims to bring nature, wildlife, and the environment into the focus of public attention and increase the knowledge about issues among citizens and especially among children and youth.

SunChild 10th International Environmental Festival has 3 nominations
• Feature Film about Climate Change
• Short Film about Climate Change
• Youth and Children about Environment

Some of the chosen films may be requested to be screened online as well.

SunChild IEF winners will receive:
- unique handmade souvenirs symbolizing SunChild IEF
- special certificates will be given made from recycled flowers laid on the Genocide Memorial
- monetary prize:
• Feature Film about Climate Change - 3000 USD
• Short Film about Climate Change - 2000 USD
• Youth and Children about Environment - 500 USD


We welcome films representing diverse ethnic groups, religions, and nations that depict the climate change threats, challenges, and solutions and cinematic eye on today’s environmental issues all over the world.

The following is an explanation of the Rules and Guidelines governing film submissions to the 2022 SunChild International Environmental Film Festival. Compliance with these Rules and Guidelines is necessary to participate in the Film Festival. Submission of a film implies unconditional acceptance of the Rules & Guidelines, therefore, please carefully read through the Rules before submitting your film. If you have any questions, please contact us at or +37410585884 or +37477009460 on WhatsApp.

1. The SunChild International Film Festival accepts submissions for films in the following categories:
Features Films about Climate Change.
Shorts Films (under 45 minutes) about Climate Change.
Films by Youth and Children about the Environment
Non-Competition Films for the educational/awareness-raising program.

2. The Entrant/s submitting the film must hold all legal rights for the submission, as well as all necessary clearances for public exhibition. The Filmmaker/s retain/s all submission and intellectual property rights.

3. Entries submitted by post, email or any form other than online are not eligible for the Festival.

4. The deadline for preselection submission is July 20, 2022. The Festival reserves the right to refuse later submissions.

5. Upon confirmation of the film to the competition or non-competition sections of the Festival, the applicant agrees to:
- Provide a trailer of the film online by a non-expiring link or HD resolution file;
- Provide materials for localization (dialogue lists in English, spotting list, screener, and poster artwork);

6. Materials must be delivered digitally to stating the local and English titles of the film in the email subject line. The Festival does not accept deliveries on hard drives, USBs, or any other physical carriers.

7. Filmmakers are allowed to submit more than one film for the Festival provided that each film is submitted separately and meets SCIEF guidelines.

8. The final selection is made by the Selection Committee, and its decision is not subject to appeal.
Unfortunately, we cannot leave feedback in case your film is not selected.

15. Entrants may contact us to find out if the Festival received the submission at Filmmakers submitting through FilmFreeway can check their status through the website.

9. Films are accepted in Blu-Ray or HD formats.

10. Each film can have no more than four screenings at the Festival. In case the film wins an award, the organizers shall run one extra screening on the last day of the Festival.

11. All films in the competition will be screened at the Festival in their original languages with English and Armenian subtitles.

12. SCIEF reserves the right to use images from films selected in the Festival for marketing purposes.

13. All films submitted must have been completed between October 2021 and 2022.

14. The final decision of the Selection Committee will be announced by August 31, 2022.

Applicants acknowledge that SCIEF reserves the right to change the nature of screenings and events due to circumstances related to public health and welfare or at the direction of local, state, or federal authorities. In such cases, no submission refunds shall be issued.

Overall Rating
  • A great festival with a wonderful film programming. I was lucky that my film Mamody, the last baobab digger was selected this year. Even though I couldn't attend the festival in Yerevan, it was a very good experience. I highly recommend this unique festival in this part of the world.

    November 2022
  • julia blagny

    Great festival with great values and great selection ! Very good communication with directors

    November 2022
  • Dorothea Braemer

    I only received an email accepting my film. When I wrote back, asking for the acceptance rate, I never heard back. I have no idea when the festival took place and never received an invitation to attend. Nonetheless, I am grateful my short film might have been shown somewhere, i guess.

    November 2022
  • Robert Henno

    I am very happy that one of my films has been selected by this festival. The contacts were professional and very warm. I could not attend the festival and I regret it. I hope I can do next time !

    July 2018