The project is a collage animation called ‘summer’. The style of this project is a mix of collage and vapor wave. The display of collage style mainly comes from visual design. The vapor wave style will be displayed through the combination of colors, related elements such as coconut trees, statues and electronic music. This project pays more attention to expressing the feeling and atmosphere of summer. The vapor wave style will not appear in every scene. The project will collage elements and images that express summer, and then animate them to produce different visual effects. The main effects used are: position, rotation, scale animation and 3D camera. The project combines vapor wave electronic music with actual environmental sound effects to convey the summer atmosphere to the audience.

  • Jialan Wang
  • Jialan Wang
  • Jialan Wang
  • Jialan Wang
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    November 23, 2020
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Director Biography - Jialan Wang

Jialan Wang is a filmmaker and editor from Dalian, China. During her childhood she acted in two TV series and since then Jialan has had a keen interest in the film industry and wanted to be part of it. As a result, she chose Media Arts and Production as her major for her undergraduate studies. After graduating, she chose to pursue master studies in film production.

During her undergraduate studies, Jialan worked on and produced a number of films and through her experience, Jialan decided to pursue a future career as a producer. At the same time, she taught herself production software such as Ae, Pr and C4D. This has given her a good foundation for post-production of her work.

One of her graduation works, 'There's still time', was favored by the owner of Uni Pictures, the first Chinese company to introduce the Oscar-winning film 'La La Land', so she was invited by the company to become a producer's assistant trainee. She was also involved in the production of the film "The Blooming Moss", which was co-financed by the Ningbo Municipal Government in China and with the background of education in the village of Ningbo, China. Due to her outstanding work ability, Jialan was recommended to come to HeJingxin Culture Communication Co Ltd, a film and television studio affiliated with China Central Television (CCTV) to become a project planning intern. During her internship, she participated in the production of the documentary "Lawyer Shi Yang" on CCTV's Society and Law Channel, and she edited the trailer for the New Year's special "Sunshine of the Law". This channel was awarded the best legal channel of the year.

During her master studies, Jialan tried her hand at various positions in film production. These included, editor, producer and screenwriter. She wanted to learn about all aspects of filmmaking from these positions. During her time at school, Jialan worked as an experimental short film producer, producing short animated films. At the same time, she worked as director, scriptwriter and editor to produce a corporate video for Lv Hang Technology Company. Jialan has excellent time management and organizational skills and excels in cross-functional teams.

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