Ethiopian boxer Seb Zewdie's Olympic dreams were knocked out when the Soviet Union and their allies boycotted the '84 Los Angeles Olympics. 33 years later we find Seb in LA, a pro UFC and boxing coach still haunted by that tough punch. Will Seb settle for living his dreams through his undefeated prized pupil? Or will he beat the odds and get back in the ring, ready to claim victory for himself?
Birth Date
July 28, 1984
Birth City
Los Angeles
Addis Ababa
Eye Color
Zodiac Sign
Married To
Lyou Zewdie
Matti, Ebbie, Effie
Seb Zewdie and Dr. Rick Hodes reunited during the filming of Suffer for Good. Dr. Rick Hodes flew to Los Angeles from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to meet Seb once he found out where he was living.
Chad George and Jared Papazian both met Seb while training at for championship fights under Coach Seb Zewdie and Team PKG.
Jared Papazian and Danny Simmons went to El Camino Real together in 2003.
Jared Papazian fought Terrion Ware three times. He won the first MMA bout by way of Unanimous Decision. Two of the three trilogy fights can be seen in Suffer for Good.
Danny Simmons (Director) played in the College World Series for UC San Diego.
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