Call for Submissions: Universe In A Glass

A Co-Presentation by Subtle Technologies, Toronto Animated Image Society & The Gardiner Museum

There is more life in a drop of ocean water than most major cities on Earth. Yet, this awesome reality is invisible to the naked eye and goes largely unnoticed. Toronto Animated Image Society in partnership with the Subtle Technologies Festival invites submissions of animated shorts (10 min. and under) that reveal the interconnectedness of all living beings on our planet through water.

In particular, we are seeking pieces that consider the significance of "cycles", "systems" and the journey from macro to micro as these ideas relate to both the process of animation and the study of ecology. As a practice with a long history of visualizing data, this screening will highlight the power of animation to communicate complex concepts and act as an ambassador for scientific discovery.

Artists who are not primarily animators but wish to explore animation for the sake of this topic are encouraged to apply. Keeping in mind the immense diversity of life that water sustains, this program also welcomes submissions from an equally diverse spectrum of cultural perspectives, aesthetics and media.

All selected artists will receive a screening fee in accordance with the IMAA (Independent Media Arts Alliance) recommended rates:

Fee amounts are based upon the length of the selected work(s). All fees will be remitted in Canadian dollars.


Interested applicants may submit up to 2 works for the jury's consideration.

Please include the following materials in your application:
• CV (up-to-date, 3 pages or less)
• Artist Statement (that responds to how the proposed works address the theme)
• A completed List of Works form:

Combine all materials into a single PDF and upload to:


• We welcome international submissions, but priority will be given to Canadian animators.
• We invite submissions from independent artists and collectives—submissions from studios are not eligible.
• Only pieces that are 10 minutes or less will be considered.
• Works must be recent (2014 to present)