Stop Resisting

Two officers from out west, Officer LASWAY (Texas) and officer DUNKIN (Arkansas) join forces with the St Petersburg police department to serve and protect.

  • Torrey Terrill Holloway
  • Torrey Terrill Holloway
  • Torrey Terrill holloway
  • Torrey Terrill Holloway
    Key Cast
    "Officer Lasway"
  • Project Type:
    Short, Television, Other
  • Runtime:
    33 minutes 26 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    September 13, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    10,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Torrey Terrill Holloway

1. Torrey Holloway, an author from the mean streets of St Petersburg. In this urban neighborhood, Torrey was creative as a child which continued through is adulthood to make money to help himself as well as his siblings. With the mindset of hard work, staying focused and have a strong mentality; through, socializing but not drinking alcoholic beverage, Torrey learned how to adapt to the street life of St Petersburg through the life of family and friends within his community. As a single parent, his son he is rearing currently, is his pride and joy: providing support and guidance to this date. As a single parent, he continues to inspire his son to play athletics (football), Torrey’s always at his son’s games and guiding him to the importance of discipline. Torrey’s creative mind led him to many opportunities to earn salaries through his journey to support himself and his son. From the early days of writing music, producing his own sounds, being a battle rapper throughout the State of Florida, known heavily in the Miami, Tallahassee and Jacksonville metropolitan areas and wrote the script for “Fast Cash – Money Makes Change, the movie”, he felt the obligation to begin documenting urban experiences and foster communications relating to African American cultural experiences in the form of authoring books.
2. Torrey began authoring books in early 2000 with this first book “Fast Cash – Money Makes Change” was published in 2011. As the books sales surged (over 300,000 since inception) and popularity of his first book, gave him the ambition and enthusiasm to continue to become an author. Additionally, Torrey has since wrote other books:
● “Two Way’s” a book that captures reader’s attention to having a strong foundation, unionizing to become one to surpass the struggle.
● “Enclosed Management”, a book where readers can utilize as a preventive or self-help document for youth as they chase the hip-hop lifestyle. Realizing the pitfalls of “easy money”, the consequences and what to sequences to avoid or to remain “free” out of trouble or incarceration.
● “Pull It” – a book capturing the reader’s attention to today’s urban mobsters. ● “Fast Cash, Real and Raw”, a re-write of the early version.
● “My Circle”, a book published and released in January 2020, that speaks of a devastation; that impacts today’s society, some are immune; others will parish has reader’s astonished of his versatility in authoring books. Some of his fans and/or readers are saying “My Circle” is a prophecy/compliment to the “Coronavirus Pandemic” that we all are experiencing today. Because of this 2020 phenomena – the pandemic, My Circle, A Apocalypse in the Hood has been the book of choice for many readers as the book plot has prophetic occurrences of today’s actions. The Book cover has been nominated as “Best Cover” for 2020. Book sales, especially in the United Kingdom, has increased by 40%. For continued profits, Torrey and the Team has developed trailer models of the book to spark interest for audiences globally.

3. Other projects, Torrey and the team are thrilled to be participants are as follows:
 Road to Success: This is a pilot hosting show for local and out of state talent who have “Skills and talent to Bring to Table” discussing their journey, how they started, what led them to music and where their end game.
 Road to Success Talent Invitation: This document outlines the purpose of the show and information about the host, scheduling times, and gives the participant and host the pre- plan topics of discussion.
 Religious Talk Show - This pilot project discusses the viewpoints (debating) with participants on the various religions, i.e., Old Testament versus New Testament.
 Music Recordings: Torrey has collaborated with many existing as well as up and coming artists such as KURUPT (from the Dogg Pound); Omeezy Miles (heavily known in the Tri- State area); Jay Castro (Bronx); and Low Key (Texas). Additionally, Torrey is working on a future album soon to be released.
 Torrey has is own Music Studio where he plans to one day open up this own business for music production. He is already an established an “go to” person that creates his own music and sounds.
 Clothing Line and Apparel: Because of the success of Fast Cash and My Circle, Torrey has started his own line of clothing for fans.
4. With all of this said, Torrey’s skills of authoring books have blossomed; gaining notoriety in urban culture and has crossed genres of readers. His marketing reach is worldwide through his collaborations with Amazon and Hulu and he is even has been asked to speak at one of the political conventions that is coming soon. A young boy with “Big Dreams”, a man with a “Big Heart of Giving and Supporting” has now arrived.
Written By: Dexter A. Carmon, Freelance Business Consultant

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