SMMX is an international project that promotes and disseminates stop motion animation since 2013 in Mexico City.

Year-round, SMMX encourages this unique combination of technology and craftwork with multidisciplinary workshops, conferences and events, involving participants from all around the world.

The Festival gathers professionals and independent creators alike as well as enthusiasts and fans of all ages for a truly unique cinematic experience.


International Festival
Stop Motion MX 2017

Stop Motion Mx has as objective bring exhibition spaces for national and international productions and at the same time generate experiences around the animation frame by frame. We want invite you to participate in the international competition of short films of the fourth edition 2019


1. Registration to SMMX is free.
2. Filmmakers, independent artists, students or the general public of any nationality can participate as individual or collective way.
3. Submission deadline: July 31, 2019.
4. All short films made it between January 2015 and July 2019 can participate.
5. Categories in competition:
• Advertising spot - Communicate an idea, a product or service. It does not matter your experience, but your creativity.
• Video clip - Visual representation of a song.
• Independent - Create your productions with your own budgets.
• Experimental - Free expression of a concept or idea where there are no rules.
• Professional - you have experience in the area and the budget to financing your own production.
• Children - Specialized Productions for young audiences.
• Student - You are a student of an educational institution and you want to show your work.
• National - Only Mexican productions
6. All audiovisual works with a maximum duration of 30 minutes and performed mostly under the Stop Motion technique may compete. In case of advertising spot the audiovisual work should last a maximum of 2 minutes.
7. The format of the works sended to the SMMX Committee will be the way they will be projected during the days of the festival and later dates in the itinerant exhibition.
8. Short films with categories other than those established by SMMX will not be accepted.
9. Los participantes deben tener los derechos de los trabajos que presenten.
10. Works with languages other than Spanish must be submitted with subtitles in Spanish or English.
11. The works that are part of the official selection of SMMX 2019 will be works of the film library of the festival and the participants will be notified by email.
12. The Committee of SMMX will make the choice of the works in competition and an international jury formed by animation professionals will award the prizes of each category. Your decision will be final.
13. There will be 4 accreditations for the festival awards event as well as accreditations for the national conferences, for each selected short film that remains as finalist in each category, for the technical and artistic team of the same. The Festival will not be responsible for transportation and lodging expenses.
14. The winners will be announced at the closing of SMMX on Saturday, August 17, 2019.
15. Anything not provided for in this call will be resolved by the organizing committee of SMMX.
16. Participants give the rights to SMMX to perform the public exhibition of the audiovisual work. None of the reproductions of his works, will be with fines of profit, reason why SMMX will not generate any payment for the activities.
17. Sending your material to SMMX, you accept the requirements of this
18. Participants who do not accomplish the requirements will be disqualified.
19. It will be understood that all the works that participate in this contest comply with the requirements described in the same. All legal responsibility resulting from any copyright infringement shall be borne by the author himself, SMMX are not going to be responsible from claims of third parties, making the contestant responsible for the legal actions undertaken in its contra, as well as the consequences that derive from this one.

Overall Rating
  • Bradford Uyeda

    I know it's weird to give five stars for everything, but I would give ten if I could. Stop Motion MX was one of the best festivals. Great programming, wonderful people, perfect communication, and a lot of fun. If you miss this festival you REALLY MISSED A LOT. Stop Motion MX really is a festival for filmmakers and people who love animation. Thank you for having me.

    August 2019