Stone Cold

This socially relevant tale tells the story of Travis Stone, a black homicide detective who works within a system he knows to be unfair. As a black man who grew up in the same Brooklyn streets he is now sworn to protect, he understands them better than most. The friendships and bonds that were created in his youth, help make him one of the best detectives in the city. Unfortunately, the same intimate connections that make him a great detective are the same qualities that make him a pariah to other officers and supervisors alike.
When several seemingly unconnected murders occur, he suspects a pattern that everyone else is quick to reject. He hits the streets and learns that a new gang has been targeting dealers and robbing them of their drugs and money. The robberies have gotten progressively more violent, leading to the recent murders. Adding to the danger, he learns the gang is actually a group of rogue cops and of the possible involvement of a respected, sitting judge.
At the same time, detective Stone is also dealing with problems in his personal life. His daughter, Cheryl who moved to the suburbs with his ex-wife, is learning that living in the suburbs comes with its own dangers and pitfalls. These two seemingly unconnected stories converge when Cheryl is taken hostage by the gang he is investigating. In the ultimate betrayal, it is his own partner who delivers his daughter to the gang’s leader.
The leader is a retired NYPD Captain from Narcotics. He is the most dangerous kind of antagonist because he truly believes what he is doing is just. After losing his own son to addiction and finally an overdose, he begins targeting the dealers who fed his son’s addiction. He lures other officers, tired of working in a failed system of justice to join in his crusade. The promise of protecting their own children and the suburbs they call home from the ever-expanding influence of drugs and addiction, that for years has plagued poor families in the inner city, their ultimate goal.
Leading up to the final act, the daughter completes her hero’s journey by showing that she is as resilient and formidable a character as her father by escaping and saving his life. After hostage becomes hero, both father and daughter fight for survival against what seems to be insurmountable odds. They eventually overcome the threat in this thriller that in the end, is a story about the love between a father and daughter and how far they are willing to go for each other.

  • David Joglar
    Bronx Warrants, Honor
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    Thriller, action
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    Puerto Rico
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Writer Biography - David Joglar

As a Hispanic Detective I have a unique perspective to draw upon for my writing. I use my 25 years of experience in the NYPD as a Detective, Internal Affairs Investigator and Fugitive Enforcement Officer, to write stories that are both both authentic and original. Characters and dialogue created not just from imagination but from past cases, interrogations and time in the streets. As a writer I have previously created, written and successfully pitched a television project ( BRONX WARRANTS) to the FX network. I have another script (HONOR) in pre-production and I continue to write stories with insight and knowledge that only an insider could have. This intimate perspective allows me to add a realism that few other writers can match.

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