We are in the middle of preparations for a departure.
An unmissable job offer.
Driven by the desire to start living his life, Lluvia intends to go to the West and rely on something totally new.
Sasha is helping her to pack the suitcase, they're old friends and she would never have spent that day away from her. No matter how much they try to hide it, one breathes tension and unhappiness. The idea of ​​losing their certainties is destabilizing.
As they fill the suitcase, the memories of their past moments emerge, giving shape to their complex relationship of missed appointments and unspoken words. A slow immersion in the motions of the soul.

Maybe this is too much for them, maybe they have to do something. Do you say how important they are for each other? Confess your feelings at the cost of any reaction?
This "now or never" can be an input, a turn or a total psychological demolition.
Yet everything is a work of conviction dictated by the heart, everything is a desperate attempt to stay and love, but what is the limit between love and obsession?

  • Marzia Meddi
  • Ivano Calafato
  • Marzia Meddi
  • Ivano Calafato
  • Marzia Meddi
  • Ivano Calafato
  • Nika Perrone
    Key Cast
  • Christian Laiontini
    Key Cast
  • Adriano Natale
    tecnichal cast
    Cinematographer, Editor
  • Salvo Corallo
    tecnichal cast
    Sound Director
  • Paolo Paolacci
    tecnichal cast
    Music Composer
  • Ilaria Dall'Oco
    tecnichal cast
    Make-up artist
  • Largo Venue
  • Ecletic Productions
    Record label
  • Capture Studio Roma
  • Project Type:
    Experimental, Short, Other
  • Runtime:
    2 minutes 25 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    October 25, 2018
  • Production Budget:
    100 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Marzia Meddi, Ivano Calafato


Marzia Meddi was born in 1989 in Rome. Start as a child to follow classical and modern dance classes at the DMT Academy school directed by Monica Donati. Subsequently he attended courses of method Cunningham, Graham, modern jazz and contemporary with Dario Vasco Bandiera, Celso Cardoso, Cesare Proietti, Orazio Caiti. In 2013 she graduated as an actress at the Scuola Fonderia delle Arti directed by Giampiero Ingrassia, having as teachers among others Edy Angelillo, Francesco Sala and Lorenzo Gioielli. Subsequently he continued his training course attending workshops of Massimiliano Civica, Elena Arvigo, Siddhartha Prestinari, Fabrizio Varriale of the company Danza Flux and Rozenn Corbel.
As a dancer / perfomer she worked on the show Legami by Monica Donati, which debuted at the Teatro Vascello in Rome. As an actress, she participated in the My Love shows, directed by Lorenzo Gioielli, involuntary course for the use of obvious weaknesses, written by Lorenzo Gioielli and directed by Virginia Franchi.
She curated the scenic movement of the shows involuntary course for the use of obvious weaknesses and geographical discoveries, written by Marco Morana and directed by Virginia Franchi. In 2017 his studio of physical theater Quid was selected by CosiDanzi residence for the young dance of the author and made his debut in September at the Teatro di Lido in Ostia, later he participated in the review of the choreographic platform Corpo Mobile.He taught modern dance and preparatory to contemporary at the DMT Academy from 2008 to 2013 and for three years he curated a scenic movement workshop with the actors of the Lisa company. In 2018 he collaborated as a choreographic movement teacher in the theater course of the Teatro Brancaccio of Rome. His dance video project Talking About was selected as a finalist within the contest The 1 minute dance produced by Coorpi. Join as a dancer in the Incontempo company of Rozenn Corbel for production 2018/2019.


Ivano Calafato was born in Palermo on 16/01/1987. He trained with various masters of cinema and theater such as Antonio Giordano, Sergio Rubini, Emma Dante, Lorenzo Jewels, Edy Angelillo, and Francesco Sala. In 2013 he graduated at the Academy of theater and musical "Fonderia delle arti" and subsequently obtained a master's degree in Cinema and photography.
He collaborates with several independent film productions, where he acquires the skills to work in front of the camera. In the meantime he never stops working in the theater. Several tours for Italy and abroad, which see him orbit in pièce as Catilina directed by Carlo Oldani, with Marco Rossetti, "Shakespeare grand tour" alongside Franco Oppini. It lends itself as a performer with the company "Arakne mediterranea" turning several countries in the world.
He made his debut on TV in 2009, with a small role in "The secret of water" directed by Renato De Maria. A few years later he enters in a role as the protagonist of the episode in the Argentine TV series "Dalia de las Hadas", and subsequently conquers an important role in the TV crime series "Il Cacciatore", directed by Davide Marengo.
Currently, besides being involved with cinema and theater, he collaborates with important casting directors such as Laura Muccino and Valeria Miranda, Stefania Valestro and Anna Maria Sambucco. In addition, he realizes selftape and works privately as Actor coach for professional actors.

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Director Statement

The idea arises from the meeting between the actor Ivano Calafato and the choreographer Marzia Meddi, respectively workers in the theater of prose theater and physical theater.
After reading "After the end" by Dennis Kelly, both are struck by the Stockholm syndrome and decide to deepen their research.
Research that has led them to wonder how this syndrome can manifest itself in many relationships: in the family, between young couples, between friends without necessarily falling into the clinical case and extreme treated in the above mentioned text.
They have thus come to the conclusion that this issue, apparently so far removed from everyday life, is instead inherent in many of our century's relationships.
Another element of research is water and the memory contained in it: a primordial and necessary element for life and catastrophic.