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State of Mind

Paul Kabilla is on the verge of committing suicide after his wife Pamela, leaves him for another man because he could not afford to take care of her. His sick daughter too passes away because he could not afford either hospital bills or common drugs for her.

Just at the moment when he hangs himself to a rope in the same room where his dead daughter lies, there is a mild earth shaking, the door swings open and the rope tears off, dropping him to the ground. God appears in a beautiful white three-piece suit in full elegance and ask Paul Kabilla what he would wish for if he God gives him a second chance at life. Paul wishes for nothing more than a lot of money. God is willing to give him all the money he needs based on one condition. The condition being that he would put him to a test. The test was for Paul Kabilla to live the life of a dying rich man, if he is able to pass the test then he would deserves another chance at life and everything he so desires would be given to him. The test is supposed to last for 100days.

  • Mawuli Atsu Dzikunoo
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Writer Biography - Mawuli Atsu Dzikunoo

I am a young Ghanaian creative writer and content creator who has been harnessing his screenplay writing skills for some years.
I have worked on a couple of movie projects in Ghana and have had a 13 episode TV screenplay I wrote produced for DSTV, titled, "Every Woman Has A story".

This would be the first time I have applying into a screenwriting competition.

This is because I believe I am ready to take up my screenplay writing career more seriously and want to world to know what I am capable of creating with my screenplay writing gift.

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I look forward to receiving real feedback from my screenplay and hope the message this screenplay holds, goes a long way to affect lives.