Starling Short Film Festival is returning for its second annual film festival. We welcome you to enjoy all that we have to showcase—films from five different genre categories, with one of them having its unique flair.

Other parts of the festival will include Q+As with the selected filmmakers and an award ceremony, all online, to wrap everything up.

Whether you are a participant or an audience member, you can have the chance to watch the films at our live screening or in the comfort of your own home. So no matter where you are in the world, whether you are our next-door neighbour or on the other side of the planet, we want you to be part of our little murmuration.

To begin with, successful films that made it into the festival will receive selection laurels to showcase. Here is a breakdown of all the awards we have to give away at our festival. Each of the category winners will receive a winning laurel award.

Best Animation

Best Student

Best Fiction  

Best Documentary

Best Interpretari 

And an award our audience has a say in: our Murmuration Award.

In the event that a participating filmmaker wins one of our awards, SSFF will send the award to the filmmaker at an address provided by the winning filmmaker. Postage and shipping will need to be covered by the filmmaker if they wish to receive their award, and rates will vary depending on travel distance.

Please read these rules carefully to make sure that your film meets the requirements to submit:

Submission is for one film per group/individual and must be done through FilmFreeway. We will not accept films through any other means.

Films selected to be at the festival last year cannot be submitted again for the festival this year.

The film must be no longer than 15 minutes (including the title screen and credits)

The film must have been completed within the last two years (beginning January 2021).

If your film contains any verbal dialogue, the film must come with English subtitles embedded in the film.

The concept of the film must be of original ideas. Any external materials used in the film (i.e. music, videos and so on) must be appropriately secured by the person/group submitting.

The film must be summited by the final deadline on the 31st August at 11:59 pm (BST Time) to be counted. Any film submitted after this final deadline will not be counted.


Submission fees are NON-REFUNDABLE!!

The categories 'Student' and 'Interpretarti' welcome all film genres to their categories, not just one genre.

Upon applying for the festival, those who submit understand and consent that they are solely responsible for their films being as accurately described and that all criteria are met. Starling Film Short Film Festival and all those associated with and/or in charge of the festival will not take legal responsibility for any film submitted under false information or use of unsecured external materials. This responsibility falls to the individual/group submitting to the festival.

Any film discovered to be submitted under any false information will be immediately removed from the festival, regardless of where the film stands.

All final decisions our programmers and juries make are final and cannot be disputed.

Best of luck to all that submit to the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Tyrese Shipp

    A lovely festival, great selection of films, friendly organisers. I will definitely be entering again. Would highly recommend, its worth the fee!

    November 2023
  • Klaudia Makowska

    I had a great time at the Starling Short Film Festival. I wholeheartedly recommend it to other creators.

    November 2023
  • A small festival with the heart and ambition of the big ones. The people behind Starling Short Film Festival are doing an amazing job with promotion the film, the film makers and making the whole experience feel great. As an indie film maker it's the perfect match to mix with festivals like this. Thank you.

    November 2023
  • Nirman Chowdhury

    Incredible festival team! Loved interacting with each and everyone and thank you for hosting our film.

    February 2023
  • Eliana Fernandez

    Great festival, very friendly staff!

    November 2022