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Star Wars: Gambit on Corellia

A traveler arrives after a difficult journey on a world. It is a world in the grip of corruption and crime. He does his best to navigate it, save a old friend, and make the world a bit less corrupt.

  • Aleksis M Pakarinen
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    Science Fiction, Fantasy
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Writer Biography - Aleksis M Pakarinen

I have made some mistakes in high school and am still working on making up for them. I spent 6 years as a caregiver in alzheimer's care for the elderly. And have spent the last two years learning how to write film screenplays. I have written several scripts so far.

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Writer Statement

Desperate to be noticed by Lucasfilm and Disney. To be hired to write screenplays for their tv shows at Lucasfilm. Would love to have my scripts bought to make films from. Would more love to be noticed by George Lucas.