Get your "Tan on" and submit your best films, both shorts and features to this unique film festival held among the abundant cedars of central Texas. We accept films of almost all types and genres. You do not have to be naked to win...

Our venue, Star Ranch, a "clothing optional" resort, is now 62 years old. Founded in 1957 by people dedicated to freedom of expression, it is an ideal home for a festival celebrating creative film makers who are not bound by societal norms.

Star Ranch's TAN (Texas Area Nudist) Film Festival was created for two purposes:

1. To provide the opportunity for our members to enjoy a wide range of independent films they otherwise would not have an opportunity to see.

2. To encourage the production and distribution of films dealing with the nudist and/or naturist lifestyles and the history, issues, and ideas of interest to our community.

The festival runs from September 20 and September 21, and is held on the grounds of the Star Ranch Nudist Resort in Central Texas (about 45 minutes east of Austin.)

We will show films of all lengths and genres but we are especially interested in films made by nudists and films about the nudist lifestyle.

Since our festival is held on the grounds of a nudist resort, most of our audience will likely be nude. The resort is 'clothing optional' so any visiting film makers need to understand the environment they are walking into. Clothing may be worn anywhere on site except in the pools or hot tubs. These are the only places where nudity is required. One can expect to see various forms of dress or undress among the audience.

Also, it should be noted that this is a family environment. That means there may be kids present. There are several families that live here full time with kids of various ages. Please note that nudity does not equal sex. Any overt, sexualy explicit act is grounds for immediate expulsion from the grounds and from the festival.

As a film maker, you should take the 'family atmosphere' into consideration when determining if your film is right for our festival. While any degree of nudity is fine, nudity tied to sexual expression will make it much more difficult for your film to be accepted to the festival.

Most of our screenings will be 'family friendly' though we will reserve some late night time slots for films more appropriate for adults. This does NOT mean porn. Some films concerning topics inappropriate for younger audiences will be screened, but please understand that there are far more screening blocks available for films appropriate for all ages.

All winning films will receive a digital certificate and appropriate laurels.

Entries must be made exclusively through the "FilmFreeway" online festival entry platform . Entries may NOT be submitted directly to the festival.

If your film is selected you MUST upload to the festival a digital file for screening. The file must be 1920x1080 or higher resolution and must not be an "UpRes" of a lower quality copy. This is 2018 people. DVD and standard Definition are DEAD. Just like VHS. Submitting a Blu-ray is only acceptable as a last resort. We have to rip your blu rays back to digital files to show them so why not just send us the digital files? We prefer DNxHD or ProRes .mov files. H.264 compression is not our favorite, but we can use it if it is high data rate. Unfortunately, we cannot yet accept DCP files, we are trying to work out this shortcoming and DCP will top the list of prefered formats as soon as we get the projection issues worked out.

All festival ticketing will be handled by Star Ranch. Star Ranch's web site is:

Ticket info will be added to the web site soon.

Anyone wishing to attend the festival must make arrangements with Star Ranch for admission to the property. Star Ranch has limited, affordable accomodations for rent. Star Ranch also has a specific identification and background check procedure for anyone wishing to visit. Please see their web site for details. It's a little bit more complicated then just buying an all fest pass and showing up at a theatre.

Speaking of which, please be aware that TAN films will screen at a variety of venues, none of which are actual theatres. Some films will screen under the stars, some will screen in our social hall, others at another venue. Full details will be published with the screening schedule.

By entering, you give TANFF permission to show your film at the festival.

Entrants agree that if their film is selected for screening at TANFF, clips from their film and all other material related to their project may be used and/or published in the event program, through local/regional/or national media outlets, and/or the TANFF web site for any promotional purposes which TANFF deems appropriate.

No materials submitted to the festival will be returned to the filmmaker.

If selected, all commercial/private property including ALL trademark copy-righted materials shown or recorded on the project is the responsibility of the filmmaker. TANFF will NOT take responsibility for any infringement of copy-written materials. The film maker will indemnify TANFF against any complaint for your film breaching anyone else's copyright.

A feature film is any film of 40 minutes or longer. A short film is any film shorter than 40 minutes. A short screenplay is any screenplay of 40 pages or less (not counting cover and blank pages)

For purposes of this contest a 'nudist/naturist' film is one that addresses issues directly pertaining to the nudist/naturist community that arise out of the specific clothing optional environment and/or films that are primarily set in a nudist/naturist environment. For example, a documentary about the evils of strip mining is NOT a nudist/naturist film because the issue does not arise from the nudist environment. But a documentary about the current debate over accepting 'lifestyle' clubs into the family of nudist resorts would be a nudist/naturist film. If you have questions, please email us before entering. Due to the reduced entry fee for nudist/naturist films, films incorrectly entered in this category will NOT be automatically reclassified.

The cost of delivery and pick-up of all materials is the responsibility of the filmmaker.

TANFF is not responsible for lost or damaged submissions.


Overall Rating
  • Elias A. Hinojosa

    A one of a kind experience! Beautiful location and the friendliest of people. So happy my film was selected and was able to attend. Will definitely be submitting again in the future!

    December 2018