Stand Up, My Brother

Spurred on by memories of his late sister, a failed standup comedian decides to risk his comfortable but unfulfilling 9-to-5 life in order to take another shot at fulfilling his dreams.

  • Terry Bu
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    Television Script
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    United States
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  • New York International Screenplay Awards
    New York, NY
    May 2, 2023
    Quarter Finalists
Writer Biography - Terry Bu

Terry Bu is a writer and comedian born in Seoul, South Korea. Terry has performed standup comedy in NYC since 2012 and published non-fiction works in Korean and English since he was a teenager. His second non-fiction work "Diaries of My Older Sister: Depression and Suicide in Korea, Asia and America" in 2019 is focused on the depression and suicide epidemic of South Korean youths. He has made festival appearances at The Las Vegas World Series of Comedy and Stand Up 360 Comedy Festival at Broadway Comedy Club. He has trained in standup comedy under Cory Kahaney, Linda Smith and Chris Murphy. His club appearances include Greenwich Village Comedy Club, The Stand NYC, Carolines, and Gotham Comedy Club.

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Writer Statement

My passion for writing scripts came from realizing how much influence storytelling, social media and video media have in shaping society perceptions and influencing opinions, especially among younger and children audiences. Growing up, I felt frustrated that there was a glaring lack of Asian-American representation on television but not only that, a huge lack of emotionally moving stories that represent us well or do us justice. I want to help create the next generation of comedy, drama and storytelling that involves themes that we haven’t seen well-articulated and well-represented on media before.

I also want to tell stories that tackle challenging themes in modern society that we haven’t tackled before such as mental health, depression and the use of technology in our daily lives. I believe that’s the true power of TV and filmmaking - creating and spreading the kinds of stories that move generations of people across boundaries, prejudices or backgrounds.