Last year, Stage 32 and Gidden Media joined forces to find the next great rom-com screenwriters. Two Stage 32 writers - Julie Cross and Rachel Kempf - were chosen by Gidden Media and have received $7,500. Both Julie & Rachel have been working with the Gidden Media team to develop their scripts for the marketplace!

Now Stage 32 and Gidden are coming together again to find up to 3 writers with screenplays geared toward adult audiences (50 and over, Baby Boomers and Older Gen X).

Up to 3 winners will have their projects optioned by Gidden Media, receive $7,500 upfront, and be put into an incubator/mentoring program with payments escalating up to $300,000 if the screenplay gets produced (and certain conditions are met)!
Winners will work directly with Producer Amy Baer and Chris Ceccotti!
Full details are in the terms & conditions.

About The Contest

Gidden Media and Stage 32 are looking for a wide range of all genres designed to appeal to the 50 and over audience. They can be movies for moms (BAD MOMS) to movies for retirees (BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL). They can be comedies, historical dramas (like THE POST or GREEN BOOK), or mystery/crime stories (like MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS). Danny Boyle's recent box office success YESTERDAY is another example. Gidden is open to inspirational drama, comedy, romantic comedy movies about second chances or second acts, starting over in life, etc.

In short, we are looking for original, uplifting movies for the over 50 demographic!

According to an AARP study, moviegoers over 50 make up 1/3 of all theatre seats in the US! And if you can believe it, the oldest members of Gen X are in their 50s! Yet this audience is completely underserved with quality material! With your help, we aim to fix that problem!

If you have a story that you feel speaks to this audience- or been thinking about writing one - this is the perfect opportunity to get you and your screenplay the exposure you desire!

Up to 3 winners will have their projects optioned by Gidden Media, receive $7,500 upfront, and be put into an incubator/mentoring program with payments escalating up to $300,000 if the screenplay gets produced (and certain conditions are met)!
Winners will work directly with Producer Amy Baer and Chris Ceccotti!


Void where prohibited by law.

This Stage 32 Contest is an international contest. Must be 18 years or older to submit.

Entrant agrees to terms and conditions.

This Stage 32 Contest is not a game of chance. All material is read and reviewed by industry professionals.

All quarterfinalists, semi-finalists, finalists and winners are subjectively determined by our judges.

There is no limit to the number of screenplays an Entrant can enter. The same screenplay cannot be submitted multiple times under different names. If so, you will be disqualified.

Entrant must not be an immediate family member or friend of any of the judges or their respective companies.

Entrants must submit screenplays and payment online.

Entry fees will not be returned or adjusted.

No waivers are available for this contest.


Screenplays should be written in English and in standard industry format.

The rights to the Entrant’s screenplay should not have been previously optioned or sold.

Entrant’s screenplay must not have been produced.

After a screenplay is entered, no new drafts or corrected pages can be made by the Entrant. No exceptions.

Screenplay must be submitted as a PDF document. Submissions with and without title pages are accepted.

Screenplay must be the original work of the Entrant and may not be based whole or in part on any fictional or non-fictional material, published or unpublished, produced or unproduced for which the Entrant does not have rights. Neither Stage 32 nor its judges investigates or attests to the authenticity of an applicant’s statement of authorship or rights secured. By entering the competition, you are acknowledging that you have secured all necessary rights.


Romantic Comedy contest for Gidden Media Incubator Program
All Entrants will be deemed to have accepted the following Terms and Conditions as consideration for Gidden Media, LLC reviewing your screenplay and considering your entry. Entry fees will go to Stage 32. Gidden Media will not receive any of the entry fees. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS, PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR SCREENPLAY FOR CONSIDERATION.


Prize: If your screenplay wins the Content, and you are not a WGA member, you will be entitled to receive US$7,500 as a purchase price for your screenplay and Baer Development, LLC will become the owner of your screenplay (as described in detail below). If you are a WGA Member, the US$7,500 payment will be deemed an option fee for an 18 months option (from the date you are notified that you won) and Baer Development WGA, LLC shall have the right to purchase your screenplay for the WGA Minimum based on an original screenplay for a low budget film. Baer Development, LLC and Baer Development WGA, LLC shall be referred to as “Gidden” throughout the remainder of this document. Gidden shall have the option to engage you to write a new screenplay instead of purchasing or optioning your screenplay on terms to be negotiated in good faith, but in no event for more than what would be the applicable WGA Minimum payment for a low budget film.

Additional Payments: If a project is produced based on your screenplay, you shall be entitled to a bonus payment equal to .5% of the in-going production budget, not to exceed $50,000. In addition, if you receive “sole writing credit” (that is, no other writer is also credited with writing the screenplay that was the basis for the production), you shall be entitled to receive an amount equal to 2% of the in-going production budget of the project (less all amounts previously paid to you), not to exceed $300,000, plus contingent compensation equal to 2% of 100% of the net proceeds of the project, with the net proceeds defined according to the same definition obtained by Gidden. If you share writing credit with another writer, you will receive half of the foregoing amounts.

Purchase Rights (non-WGA Member): If Gidden pays you the fee described above, you will be deemed to have assigned all rights in your screenplay to Gidden (or its assignees) and Gidden shall own all right and title to your screenplay, in perpetuity and throughout the universe as further described in the “Common Rights” paragraph below.

Purchase Rights (WGA Member): If Gidden pays you the option fee described above, Gidden shall have the irrevocable right to purchase the screenplay from you for an amount equal to the WGA Minimum for an original screenplay for a low budget film. Upon payment of the purchase price, you will be deemed to have assigned all rights in your screenplay to Gidden (or its assignees) and Gidden shall own all right and title to your screenplay, in perpetuity and throughout the universe as further described in the “Common Rights” paragraph below.

Common Rights: Among the rights that Gidden shall own are all motion picture and television rights (e.g., pay, free, film, tape, cable, streaming, download, live, etc.), all home entertainment rights, all Internet rights, and all other rights in and to the screenplay whether now known or hereafter developed. You shall not retain any rights to the screenplay. To the full extent allowed under any applicable law, you hereby irrevocably waive and assign to Gidden any so-called “droit moral” or “moral rights of authors”; you acknowledge that many parties will contribute to the productions and other works that will embody all or part of the screenplay and, accordingly, if under any applicable law, the above waiver or assignment of “moral rights” or “droit moral” is not effective, you agree to exercise such rights in a manner which recognizes the contribution of and will not have any adverse effect upon such other parties. You hereby specifically acknowledge that the compensation payable hereunder by Gidden includes and is full and adequate compensation in respect of any right to which you may now be or shall hereafter become entitled to (including your rental and lending rights to the project and other products derived from the screenplay). If under the applicable law of any territory or jurisdiction, any additional or different form of compensation is required with respect to rental and lending rights, Gidden and you agree that the grant of said rights shall nevertheless be fully effective; provided, however, that Gidden shall pay you the minimum compensation required, if any, under such applicable law or, if required by such law, the parties shall in good faith negotiate the amount thereof in accordance with the applicable law, and further provided that any sums paid to you pursuant to this Agreement, including, the purchase price, any bonus or contingent compensation, any payments in excess of the minimum required under any applicable collective bargaining agreement (if applicable) and any payments in connection with exploitation of the project in supplemental or ancillary markets and media (including residuals payments, if any), shall be credited toward the amount required to be paid to you under such law to the maximum extent allowed.

Writing Services: If Gidden decides to engage you to write a new screenplay instead of purchasing or optioning your screenplay, you agree to perform those writing services and Gidden will pay you the applicable compensation for all committed writing steps 50% upon Gidden’s written notice starting you and 50% upon your delivery of the applicable writing step or steps. The services provided by you shall be rendered at the times and places reasonably required by Gidden and in such manner as Gidden may direct pursuant to the instructions, suggestions and ideas of and under the control of Gidden or its representatives. The services shall be rendered to your best ability, it being understood that all matters of art and taste will be within Gidden’s sole control and discretion. No submission or purported delivery of a writing step shall be deemed an actual delivery until said writing step shall be complete in substance and in a form which complies with the provisions of this Agreement.

Ownership of Writing Services: You hereby represent, warrant, and agrees that: (a) the results, proceeds and product of such services are being specially ordered by Gidden and shall be considered a “work-made-for-hire” for Gidden; and (b) Gidden shall be considered, forever and for all purposes throughout the universe, the author thereof and the sole copyright owner thereof. If and to the extent that the foregoing provisions do not operate to vest fully and effectively in Gidden all or any of such rights, you hereby assign to Gidden all rights of every kind and nature whether now or hereafter known or created which may not have so vested (and so far as may be appropriate by way of immediate assignment of future copyright) throughout the universe in perpetuity. You agree to sign any documents reasonably necessary to reflect the foregoing, including short form documents. You irrevocably grant Gidden the power coupled with an interest, with rights of substitution and delegation, to sign such separate documents if you have not complied with Gidden's request within 7 days thereafter (or such shorter period of time as Gidden shall reasonably require). If Gidden signs any documents as Your attorney-in-fact, Gidden will provide you with copies of any such documents.

Originality/Indemnification: You further represent, warrant and agree that the screenplay or the results of your writing services are original with you (that is, no one else helped you write the screenplay) and to the best of your knowledge, do not and will not defame, infringe or violate the rights of privacy or any other rights or any third party and are not the subject of any actual or threatened litigation or claim. You agree to indemnify Gidden, its affiliated entities, assigns and licensees against any loss, cost or damage (including reasonable attorneys' fees) arising out of or in connection with any breach of any of the aforesaid representations, warranties or agreements, and you shall sign such documents and do such other acts and deeds as may be reasonably necessary to further evidence or effectuate Gidden's rights hereunder. Except with respect to (A) matters constituting a breach by you of any of the above representations, warranties and/or agreements, and/or (B) gross negligence or willful misconduct on your part, Gidden shall indemnify you against any loss, cost or damage (including reasonable outside attorneys' fees), but not including any loss or cost or damage relating to any settlement entered into without Gidden's written consent, arising out of any third party claim resulting from Gidden's development, production, distribution and/or exploitation of the screenplay.

Credits: Determination of writing credits shall be made by Gidden using the criteria stated in Exhibit A of the WGA Minimum Basic Agreement in effect upon completion of principal photography of the project. If you are a WGA Member, the WGA shall determine writing credits. Except as specifically provided in this Agreement, determination of writing credits shall be made by Gidden in its sole discretion. No casual or inadvertent failure by Gidden to accord such credit, nor the failure for any reason by third parties to comply with the provisions of this paragraph, shall be deemed a breach hereof by Gidden. Gidden agrees upon receipt of written notice from you of a failure to comply with this provision to take such steps as are reasonable and practicable to cure such failure on a prospective basis as to copies of the project not yet made and advertisements not yet placed, as applicable, which are distributed or issued by Gidden or under the control of Gidden.

Guilds and Unions: You acknowledge that Gidden is not a signatory to the WGA agreement or any other collective bargaining agreement. If you are a WGA Member, Gidden will assign its option and all rights to your screenplay to Baer Development WGA, LLC, a WGA signatory.

Damages: If Gidden breaches its obligations under this Agreement, the damage, if any, caused you shall not be irreparable or sufficient to entitle you to injunctive or other equitable relief. Consequently, your rights and remedies shall be limited to the right, if any, to obtain damages at law and you shall not have any right to terminate or rescind this Agreement or any of the rights granted to Gidden hereunder or to enjoin or restrain the development, production, advertising, promotion, distribution, exhibition or exploitation of anything based on the screenplay or any of Gidden's rights pursuant to this Agreement.