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St. Louie Louie

When a pool hustler visits a hypnotist, his confidence level and pool game soar in winning the US Open title, but with the rising fame comes alcoholism and addiction as he struggles to stay at the top of his class in billiards while keeping his life together for one last wager.

  • Joseph Evola
  • Mark O'Brien
    the book that inspired St Louie Louie
    Have Pool Cue Will Travel
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Joseph Evola

Joe Evola has spent several years writing and studying pool hall drama. He's the author of two novellas based on billiards in addition to his feature screenplay St. Louie Louie. Joey also works in the Technology industry full time and enjoys playing in a lot of local pool tournaments.

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Writer Statement

As an inspiring true story this feature centers around the billiards career of one of the most colorful characters in the game’s history. The themes and the message conveyed by this story will leave a lasting and emotional impact for anyone who’s ever known a family member or friend who suffered from drug abuse. Most billiards fans and promoters of the sport would agree that there will probably never be another character in the pool halls as charismatic, funny, and entertaining as Louie, the script’s protagonist. This piece has been submitted to a few contests this year as well, including the Chicago Screenplay Awards (Quarter-Finalist), the Wiki Screenplay (Semi-Finalist), and the Santa Barbara (Honorable Mention).

Additionally, this script is inspired by a book that is listed #1 of all time in the ebilliards category – I have also acquired the film rights to the book that this story is adapted from by the author, who I am good friends with.

Cleveland High, where the main character of this story went to school, just picked Louie Roberts for the Wall of Fame this year in 2023. This was only the 7th time the award's been given out. It is a lifetime achievement award as well. There were only 10 recipients selected this year from all class years as follows:
1 -Academic
1- Military
3- Humanitarians
2- Medical
1- Sports (Louie)