Every great film should seem new every time you see it.
Srikant Ganapati, a Business Intelligence Developer in NHS by profession and a passionate film enthusiast by hobby, discovered his love for filmmaking through an unexpected turn of events. Born on January 29, 1974, in Delhi, India, Srikant’s journey into the world of cinema began as a simple hobby that would eventually shape his creative identity.
After completing his degree in Computer Science, Srikant found himself drawn to the art of storytelling. In his spare time, he started experimenting with amateur short films, using a borrowed camera and basic editing software. These initial attempts were driven purely by his love for movies and his desire to bring his imaginative ideas to life.
Srikant’s determination and commitment to his newfound hobby led to a gradual improvement in his filmmaking skills. He began taking videos from a camcorder in the Indian community festivals, drama theatre videos, exhibitions videos, interviews, and workshops, where he not only learned from seasoned filmmakers but also found a supportive community of fellow enthusiasts. Through trial and error, Srikant honed his storytelling abilities, developing a unique perspective on the visual medium.
In 2017, Srikant took a significant step forward by Directing/Writing and producing his first independent short film, "Hello Belfast." Despite his limited resources, the film showcased his keen eye for composition and his ability to evoke emotions through visual storytelling. The short film received positive feedback from the Indian community, especially from the Kerala state when he shared it online, motivating Srikant to continue pursuing his passion.
Although Srikant maintains his full-time job as a Business Intelligence Developer, his hobby of filmmaking has become an integral part of his life. He thrives on exploring various genres, experimenting with different techniques, and collaborating with fellow creatives on projects. His dedication to continuous learning has allowed him to bridge the gap between his technical background and artistic pursuits.
As a hobbyist filmmaker, Srikant Ganapati is a testament to the idea that passion knows no boundaries. His journey from an amateur enthusiast to a respected member of the First Indian filmmaking community in Northern Ireland serves as an inspiration to others looking to explore their creativity.
Srikant Ganapati makes movies not for money but for passion.
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Every great film should seem new every time you see it.
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