We are looking for short films from female identifying creators that explore topics through the female gaze. We are especially interested in projects that explore fandom and geek-nerd culture.

Genres include documentary, horror, sci-fi, fan films, animation, pop culture, meta, webisodes, vidding and more -if you have a topic you're not sure we'd accept -just ask! Our goal is to support women in film and to create an opportunity for their videos and films to be seen.

The Squee Project is a collective of fangrrl creators. We attempt to cover the full fandom experience including cosplay, conventions, comic books, movies, podcasts, fanfic, episodics, and creating spaces for women, girls, femmes and female identifying fangrrls to collaborate and network in geek-nerd culture.

No cash prizes but all accepted submissions will receive a festival laurel and a certificate of appreciation as well as having your project promoted within the geek-nerd culture.

All film must be under 10 minutes length.

All films must have a woman in one or more of the following positions; Director, Producer, Writer or Editor.

The festival is not liable for any use of copyrighted content.

Digital submissions and screeners only.

The film rights belong to the creators but we would like permission to promote the event by using trailer or clips from the films selected.

Submission fees are not refundable

Overall Rating
  • Michele Olivieri

    This is a nice non-competitive festival (no award is given) that showcases female identifying talent in a healthy way and from different art fields - so not just filmmaking.
    I couldn’t attend the event but it looked and sounded like a lot of fun.

    My experience with this festival has been generally really good, communication was great also. I am definitely back with more films next year!

    December 2018