Festival designed to showcase the best SPORTS/RECREATION Screenplays from around the world today.

Offers screenwriters  and writers an opportunity to showcase their stories that are about the connections between sport and the world we live in today.


Screenplay submissions go through a 4 tier system to help promote your story and get it sold and/or shown at more festivals from around the world.

1st tier - Full feedback on all submissions. An industry professional will read your entire script and give you full notes on your screenplay..

2nd tier - Winners get set up a written blog interview with you and then we promote it on all social media outlets

3rd tier - You are invited as a guest on a popular Film Festival PODCAST on ITunes to talk about your screenplay.

4th tier - All winners get a portion of their script performed by professional actors and made into a promotional video of your work to showcase. You will own full rights to the video and can do whatever you desire with it.

All film submissions are free. Gives you a chance to showcase your film on the Film Festival Streaming service.

Get your screenplay performed and made into a promotional video.

Value at over $500

All script submissions must be sports related of some kind.