Spirits of Everest

A story of love and death, individual heroism and collective endeavour, which takes us from rural England and the battlefields of WW1 to the world’s highest mountain and focusses on the disappearance of Mallory and Irvine on Mount Everest in 1924 ¬ – and then on a geologist who, nearly a century later, tries to solve if Mallory and Irvine summited Everest.

  • Fredrik Sträng
  • Jochen Hemmleb
  • Peter Gillman
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    Adventure, mystery, drama
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Writer Biography - Fredrik Sträng, Jochen Hemmleb, Peter Gillman

• Produced and directed the documentaries ”The Mystery on Everest”, ”7 Summits”, ’
”A Cry from the Top of the world”
• Cinematographer for The Summit
• Cinematographer for Miracle on Everest
• Cinematographer for In Shackleton's Wake (for Swedish TV4)
• Cinematographer for In Djíngis Khans footsteps (for Swedish TV4)
• Author of the books “7 mountains 7 continents 7 months” and “K2 on life and death” (in Swedish)

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Writer Statement

Spirits of Everest draws on the classic era of exploration when mountaineers first attempted to climb Mount Everest; and, decades later, on meticulous and obsessive detective work. The central figure is George Mallory, the most charismatic climber of his age, who is torn between his love for his wife Ruth and his determination to vanquish Everest. When he attempts to resolve his conflicting desires by making a final bid to reach the summit, he and his young climbing partner Sandy Irvine disappear close to the top. Sixty-three years later, a young Jochen Hemmleb speculates about their last climb – were they the first to climb the world’s highest mountain? – and embarks on a quest to solve the greatest adventure mystery of all time. 2024 marks the centenary of Mallory and Irvine’s disappearance into legend. An authentic biopic of their remarkable lives in combination with a tantalizing tale of mystery has never seen the light of the day. We explore the crossroads where ordinary men are meant for something bigger and risk everything. “Men do not choose to be extraordinary; they choose to do extraordinary things.”