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Alexander, a young actor, has been falling for a few months into a spiral of self-destruction, becoming strongly addicted to alcohol and drugs. One night, he is stabbed by drug dealers and almost dies. To get out of his addictions he wrote the scenario of a film "Spiral" close to autofiction where he would play the main role of 'Daniel'. Olivier Rainer, a director whom he admires, agrees to direct the movie and make Alexander pass screen tests while rewriting the script by incorporating elements of the personal life of the actor. Alexander wishing to exorcise his demons and reach his catharsis will follow Olivier unconditionally in a blistering adventure where reality and fiction merge.

  • Sofiene Mamdi
  • Sofiene Mamdi
  • Sofiene Mamdi
  • Sofiene Mamdi
    Key Cast
    "Alexander Farsan"
  • Constantin Leu
    Key Cast
    "Olivier Rainer"
  • Cécile Fisera
    Key Cast
  • Julien Romano
    Key Cast
  • Solène Salvat
    Key Cast
  • Macha Isakova
    Key Cast
  • Lara Mistretta
    Key Cast
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  • Runtime:
    1 hour 32 minutes 32 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    September 14, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    8,000 EUR
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Distribution Information
  • Reaficta Films
    Country: Worldwide
    Rights: All Rights, Video on Demand
Director Biography - Sofiene Mamdi

Sofiene Mamdi, actor & director
As an actor he has played in several shorts, clips and feature films. Many of these films have been shown in theaters, at major film festivals, and on TV and VOD.
He has been referenced by YAHOO! CINEMA among the 11 most promising young French actors of his generation

He has also been nominated Best Actor at Shortcutz Amsterdam 2017 (Jury: Jan Harlan, Béla Tarr, Rutger Hauer ...)

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Director Statement

The movie's story is a spiral shaped story of self-destruction and catharsis, in the preparations for a film, where reality and fiction merge.

It’s my directorial debut i never directed a movie before Spiral. It hasn't been premiered and not screened yet.
This film is a self financed indie feature shot with a very tiny budget, with passionate and talented artists. Half of the movie was shot with a 12 people crew and the other half with a 4 people crew.

We shot with the Sony A7 camera, Canon lenses, and as lights the Cineroides FL800 3V.
We used a light and flexible equipment in order to fit the realistic/documentary style of the film and also the budget. The camera was on shoulder almost throughout all the film ; close-ups, fluid staging, few lights... Thus giving freedom of interpretation & movement to the actors but always respecting the structure of the script.

The choice of a fiction filmed as a documentary is the result of a deep reflection about the subject of the film, evolving itself between reality and fiction. Shooting with a shoulder camera is not just a 'stylistic' choice, it’s the choice of an active rather than passive camera, which participates in the plot of the film, intrusive and even 'voyeuristic'. The camera is actually one of the characters of the film. Its quick and unconventional movements are a metaphor for the mental confusion experienced by the main character Alexander.
The camera is almost always in motion, keeping away the viewer from its comfort zone and contemplation.
We shot with a 24-70mm, the choice of the zoom comes from the desire to give freedom to the crew & artists, we also cropped our plans even during the shots. So during some sequences we passed from 35 mm to 70 mm for example.

Most of the scenes were improvised by the actors but always based on the script.