Spellbound by Deion Hayz

Somewhere in an old rustic town, where the sun don't come around, she is cursed to wander, a thirst that is a hunger, and everybody said, boy youll end up dead, strapped to a hotel bed, with a girl like her, i payed it no mind, i was drained half the time, i gazed into her eyes Spellbound, (choir singing)
And I just can't forget her lips where cherry red, she was tearing at her dress, Spellbound, and I could not regret the marks left on my neck, or the coffin we both slept, Spellbound, how did i find this hot little number, my heart beat fast, i thought i went under, her, she takes your soul in case you wondered, and I just want a taste of what you've got, and everybody said boy you'll end up dead, strapped to a hotel bed with a girl like her, I paid it no mine I was drained half the time I gazed into her eyes Spellbound, (choir Singing) but hey look at me now, the dead run This Town, trapped inside this hell, Spellbound,

  • Deion L Hayes
  • VuDooWulf Deion Hayz
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  • Length:
    4 minutes 18 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    August 27, 2022
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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Artist Biography

Born and Raised on the Navajo Nation Reservation in Shiprock (Naakaii Dine’e) Im from the Diné people the Navajo people, i am also Half Mexican. I am a New Mexico Indigenous Actor, Musician, singer and Song writer.

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Artist Statement

Living the reservation Struggle everyday. Trying to leave a positive impact on our world. Lately ive faced so many challenges these last few years. Losing my shinálí my paternal Grandmother on my father's side hit me hard during the pandemic. I also later delt with my older brother going missing. Its sadly been a year and we have no clue. Its been hard watching my family deal with this tragedy. I also recently had lost my oldest and best friend to suicide. Here i am trying to grasp some control on my life. I choose to get up create music, do art, pursue acting. Because its the only way i know how to heal my wounded soul. We as Artists create with our pain and sorrows we turn that ugly feeling into art and connect with our spirits and hearts.