The Spark Film Initiative is a program designed and supported by the Darwin International Film Festival and Screen Territory to foster the skills of emerging filmmakers in the Northern Territory by providing $10,000 worth of production funding for up to 4 short films no longer than 10 minutes each in duration.

The completed films will be screened at a special event during the 2019 Darwin International Film Festival which will be open to the general public.

Each selected project will receive $10,000 cash.

The SPARK initiative will award the following prizes:

- An Associate Membership to Screen Producers Australia, valid for a year, inclusive of an attendance pass to the SPA Screen Forever 2019 conference in Melbourne.
- An Associate Membership to the Australian Cinematographers Society, valid for a year.
- An Associate Membership to the Australian Director’s Guild and participation in a 2-day Directing Masterclass with a prominent Australian director.
- A period of pro-bono use of Post-Production Editing courtesy of Alice Springs based CAAMA.

To be eligible to apply, you must:
• Be a Northern Territory resident; and,
• Own the right(s) to produce an original screenplay (either because you’re the writer or you obtained this right); and,
• Be willing to sign a grant agreement and successfully complete the production of the project over the months of June, July and August 2018.
• Have both a director and producer attached to the project.

Special Conditions:
• The film must be shot and post-produced in the Northern Territory
• All crew must be Northern Territory residents.
• Applicants cannot be currently enrolled students.
• Films must be narrative. Experimental and non-narrative films are not applicable.
• If the film contains Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander content or material the appropriate permissions and consultation must be provided.

Documents to attach to the application (My Project > Project File > Attach files)
• Screenplay one page intro: Title + logline + short synopsis + draft #
• Full screenplay: Minimum 5 pages, maximum 10 pages
• Budget & Finance Plan: An aggregated budget of proposed expenditure as well as finance plan outlining funding sources.
• Expected festival outcomes statement.
• Director’s statement: Must provide an interesting vision as well as demonstrate an understanding of the director’s role and cinematic language.
• Producer’s statement: must clearly outline the development strategy and status, and demonstrate an understanding of challenges and opportunities associated with their project.
• Mentor letter of support (if applicable, see above): a Mentor must be attached to the project if no one in the key creative team has any substantial experience in film/TV.
• Key Creative CVs: At a minimum; Writer, Director, Producer.
• Statuary Declaration: Stating that you are a genuine Northern Territory resident.
• Production schedule: Scheduling pre-production, shooting, and post-production.
• Industry Mentor: Details of your industry mentor (if used).
• Visual References: Mood boards, reference materials, etc.
Optional materials:
• List of Crew Members
• Attached Cast
• Showreel of prior work
• Crew CVs
• Prior festival credentials