Spain Moving Images Festival is the first and only festival of Asian AV experimentation, art-house cinema and art video from Asia that takes place in Madrid (Spain). It is especially dedicated to emerging Asian filmmakers and artists, but with an eye always on classics and pioneers. It is an ideal platform to present the most relevant and avant-garde current audiovisual works and creators from China, Japan, Korea, Iran, India and Southeast Asia. As well as making them dialogue with their emerging Spanish and Latin American colleagues.

-Best Asia Feature Film
-Best Asia Short Film
-Best Asia Animation Film
-Best Asia Experimental Film and Art Video
-Best Iberoamerican Film
-Best Asia Photography

1. All the films presented in the 4th edition of the SPAIN MOVING IMAGES FESTIVAL will be chosen by its Selection Committee, headed by the Festival Director and advised by a series of professionals, specialists in the world of cinema and film festivals.
2. The submitter understands that submitting a film does not guarantee entry into the festival program and that no refunds will be issued for submission fees for films not selected for the program.
3. All films submitted should own the copyright.
4. he submitted films must be produced since 1st January, 2018.
5. The submitted films in the Official Section may have not been publicly screened in Madrid before its official presentation at the Festival.
6. The inclusion of films that participate in the Official Section on VOD platforms is not admitted, except in those cases in which it is of strictly professional use and with restricted access.
7. The submitter agrees that if the film is selected for the Festival they will be able to provide a screening copy on DCP or Blu-Ray (depending on venue) and arrange for KDMs (if required). Alternative digital formats will also be accepted. The producers or representatives of the invited films must send the selected copies, one month before the start of the Festival.
8.The producers or representatives of the film will be in charge of the shipping and return expenses of the copies, as well as the insurance. SPAIN MOVING IMAGES FESTIVAL will be responsible for the insurance of copies from the moment they arrive at its headquarters, until the time of return. The return of copies of the films selected by the Festival will not be made before its closing date.
9.In case of deterioration of a copy during the Festival, the responsibility for it will not exceed the cost of printing a new standard copy.
10. All the films selected by the Festival will be presented in their original version with subtitles in Spanish and English inserted in the DCP copy or provinding a SRT file in case of a digital copy of the film. The translation of the film into Spanish will be made by the Festival.
11. Once the film is officially invited by the Festival, the producers or representatives of the selected films must confirm their participation in two weeks from its announcement. The Festival will recognize the signer of this confirmation as the only interlocutor to negotiate all aspects related to the participation of the film. Confirmation by the producers or representatives of the selected film means that it can not be removed from the program.
12. The invitation of each film selected by the Festival will be strictly confidential between the director and the producers or representatives of the invited film, until the Festival decides to officially announce it.
13. The Festival programming and the schedule of the screenings are the exclusive competence of the Festival.
14. The documentation materials necessary for press release and the Festival official website will be requested from the participants by the Press Department of the Festival.
15. The producers or representatives of the films that have received an award commit themselves to mention it in all the publicity and press material related to the film, respecting the exact wording of the jury's decision and using the Festival logo. This logo will be sent to the winners after the announcement.
16. In case of unforeseen conflict, the Festival retains its sovereignty and reserves the power of the last decision. If there is any type of divergence on the interpretation of these rules, the text in Spanish will be applied.

Overall Rating
  • Michael Lyons

    Thank you for supporting experimental film & video art!

    July 2019
  • Yumi Otsuka

    I was unable to attend, but thank you so much for selecting our short movie "About My Mother" as Asiatica selection, I'm so honored.Thank you for great communicating and Spanish Translations. I had really wanted to see another great Asian Films in Madrid. Thank you so much again! Yumi from Japan.

    July 2019
  • thank you for taking the time to organize the festival and giving "I am Zal" the chance to be a part of this great event. for me, it was a golden opportunity and I look forward to the future editions. keep up the good work!

    July 2019