[ ] (“Spaces”) art exhibition features works that examine spaces in a digital context, and more importantly, the nature of being “digital.” The pieces call attention to how the user interacts with a computer generated or altered environment—is it really a space if no one is there to experience it? In some cases, the work allows the user to explore aspects of the real world in a way that can only exist in the digital realm. In others, the work may become completely detached from the sensations provided by our tangible experiences to evoke feelings of the surreal and otherworldly. One uses their 21st century vernacular of electronic interaction to navigate these unreal environments while staying somewhat familiar and grounded in their own reality. This show will bring digital and virtual art to Richmond, Va.

We are searching for pieces that inhabit and explore digital space. The work should be a moving image, sound piece or computer generated object(s) or installation. Videos, gifs, audio files, and 3D models are acceptable, but video games, interactive works and websites are not allowed. The accepted pieces will be displayed in a virtual 3D “gallery” space hosted on our website. We accept works under 7 minutes in duration. File formats include but are not limited to: .gif, .mov, .mpeg, .mp4, .mp3, .stl, .obj, .wav, .aiff, .flac, .xml, .bmp … Submission does not guarantee acceptance.

Submit your work to our Google Form:

A physical show with live screenings will take place at The Depot at 814 W Broad St in Richmond, Virginia on May 3, 2016. The screening will begin at 5pm and will consist of a reel of accepted works. We will also have computers available for people to explore our virtual gallery.

Instagram: @spacesexhibition
Twitter: @spacesexhibit
Facebook: /Spaces-201794373534243

The accepted pieces will be displayed in a virtual 3D “gallery” space hosted on our website, and screened at our event.

You must submit your work to our Google form.

We are accepting works less than 6 minutes in duration.

Two submissions max per applicant.