The Southway Film Fest is a new festival in Ukraine.

The Southway Film Fest is a great opportunity for filmmakers from everywhere to submit, to show their artwork, encourage talented and passionate filmmakers to express their voice and to evoke strong feelings of the audience.

Our mission is to showcase new, innovation, and unique visions in independent cinema.

We accept films in every genre, on any topic, from every country around the world. The festival program is selected from 100% blind submissions and we do not disqualify any films based on premiere status or date of completion.

All winners receive laurels and certificates:
Best International Short Film (30 min or less)
Best Student Film (20 min or less)
Best Animated Film
Audience Award for International Short Film

All non-English films (or other forms of media) must have English subtitles.

All screenplays must be in English.

For judging/preview purposes, we accept online screener, vimeo or youtube.

By submitting to the festival, you agree to allow your film (or other artistic work) to be screened by the festival during the festival run, for which you are submitting, at no charge to the festival. If there are to be any additional screenings, we will come to a mutual agreement between the filmmaker and the festival.

All media selected by the festival will be asked to provide promotional materials, but we ask that no promotional materials be sent until selection.

All fees are non-refundable.

You may submit more than one film, but you must complete a separate
entry form and pay entry fee for each film.

You may submit multiple entries but must fill out a separate entry form and pay an entry fee for each.

If you submit your work as a Student film, please attach a copy of you student document.

Dates and venues are subject to change.

Overall Rating
  • Naor Meningher

    It's a scam. Never heard from them. DON'T SUBMIT

    October 2016
  • good best ok professions live

    October 2016
  • Ukraine is the country that boasts of pioneers like Dovzhenko who influenced cinema worldwide. Unfortunately not many in other parts of the world are aware of this history or Ukraine‚Äôs vibrant film culture. Southway Film Fest is a great way to discover this as well as showcase your work in that part of the world.

    October 2016
  • A great pleasure with good communication.
    Thank you.

    September 2016
  • Daniel Santana

    A good opportunity to share the work.

    September 2016