All Winners and runner ups get IMDb credit plus winners get a combined total of $1,500,000 or more in production/post production and distribution offers. All Finalist notified by October 15th 2021; plus 1 monthly finalist promotional winner will be announced early each month. Event for finalist and best of (aka Blue Diamond) winners.

Starting September 2020 through September 2021 a monthly winner will be featured, promoted and will automatically advance to a finalist status for our partners to review for production and distribution offers.

Staring in December 2021 ALL Finalists including Monthly Promotional winners will be displayed on the homepage website and social media with a link to their projects or contact information. This will be available to our in-house and outside partners/distributors to view and send you offers. All information will be kept on site until December 2022!


1 ) SELECTED: accepted into the festival contest (not screened)= OFFICIAL SELECTION LAUREL

2) SEMI-FINALIST: accepted into the festival contest (not screened) = SEMI-FINALIST LAUREL

3) FINALIST: accepted into the festival (may not be screened) & promoted on website and social media for production and distribution offers = FINALIST LAUREL

4) CATEGORY WINNERS and RUNNER-UP: accepted into the festival (may not be screened) and promoted on website & social media for production and distribution offers, winners receive trophies, certificates, IMDb credit = CATEGORY WINNER LAUREL

5) OVERALL BEST OF WINNERS AKA BLUE DIAMOND WINNERS - accepted and SCREENED at the festival and promoted on website, social media; along with guaranteed production and/or distribution offer = WINNER LAUREL

Top winners will receive trophies and IMDb credit along with a certificate.

Best overall winners (aka Blue Diamond trophy winners) receive a crystal trophy, production and or distribution offer, with a festival screening and networking event plus a certificate.

Not all accepted into the festival will be screened at the festival only selected finalists and Blue Diamond winners, provided they send us their materials and have someone representing at the festival.

Only Overall best of Winners AKA Blue Diamond Crystal Trophy winners will receive a guaranteed screening and production and or distribution.

Category Winners and Overall best of WINNERS will receive IMDb credit, trophies, certificates and laurels.

Finalists will be promoted and may receive production and distribution offers but are NOT guaranteed to be screened or may not advance to winner status.

All selected/semi-finalists will receive the following: Laurels, social media promotion.

All finalists will receive the following: Laurels, website and social media promotion along and potential for distribution and productions offers (although not guaranteed).

Final status updates will NOT be complete until end of contest in October 2021.

All laurels (semi-finalist/finalist/category winner and winner laurels) will be available at that time, in the mean time you can share selected status.


All college and high school productions must be completed no later than 1 year after graduation (proof of ID is required, please upload at time of submission).


All projects and submissions must be owned and registered/copyrighted by submitter or eligible for copyright by submitter. The festival has the right to use all images and titles in connection with the submission on our website in order to promote you.  All work must be no older than 3 years old from date of submission (from published completion date). The festival is not liable for damages incurred from illegal party submission without approval from non-signatory/owner/producer/writers.Please follow festival guidelines and use a working email and phone number for the signatory /owner of the project along with your submission.If these rules aren't followed the Southeast Regional Film Festival has the right to disqualify you from the festival and keep your submission fee (if applicable).


All foreign films need English subtitles.
All prize money and contract offers will be given out in English and US dollars, it is up to the submitter to get translation should the need arise. 
Attendance to festival or screening isn't required for acceptance or awards, however a shipping fee of at least $20 and up to $50 (outside of the US unless hardship is requested) will be applied to those who don't attend and who would like to receive their award.  Those who can't receive an award due to location mailing regulations may email us for additional certificates if requested in lue of physical award.

Exact locations and dates will be posted and emailed out closer to the festival dates, location and dates are subject to change.

Overall Rating
  • Destiny Soria

    They work so hard and give you want you need! I was very honor to be part of this!

    January 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Destiny!

  • Great festival hosted by great people.

    December 2020
  • Jay Mohan

    Jessica and the entire Southeast Regional Film Festival team were inspiring. In spite of losing one of their key members, the team was able to come together and run the festival this year. Though COVID forced it to be an online event, it was a great. Our film I RESIGN was also selected in the event and it was a proud moment for us. Thank you so much team. A film festival that is highly recommended..!

    July 2020
  • Phillip Merritt

    With all the challenges they had to deal with this year, I’m impressed and happy that they persevered. My dealings with the organizers were very positive.

    July 2020
  • thank you guys for the official selection

    July 2020