SOULPUNX is a Video Production Company and Record Label reaching 10K+ audience monthly across social channels.

Our goal is to connect creators and fans of the sci-fi, cyberpunk, fantasy and mystery genres.

Once your short film is accepted, we will be in touch with more information.


We also cooperate with several production companies and creatives around the world. Your short film will be seen by 10K+ followers on our social media channels, and there are more every day.

1. We require films to have all necessary rights and releases secured, including music. You have to have the license to use the music in your film!

2. We do not require exclusivity or premiere status.

3. Please consider! We prefer films with runtimes 5-15 minutes. We usually don't show films longer than 20 minutes, unless it is really really good!

4. We are looking for short films and animations from the genre Sci-fi, Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Mystery, with a strong visual aspects and interesting story.