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CATHERINE SODER is the youngest-ever executive at Christie’s Auction house in New York, climbing the corporate ladder. When an attempted terror attack is uncovered at her debut event, she is plunged into a struggle to unmask the terrorist plot. As the FBI attempts to gain control of the auctioned piece in order to uncover the plot, Catherine is drawn deeper into the circles of deception by none other than the Vice President of the United States, who vies to control the multibillion-dollar business of antiquities to fund his attempt to take control the world’s oil supply.
The cast of characters includes FBI man PETER SELNICK, who arrives at Christie’s to foil the terror attempt, then discovers the winning bidder’s agent murdered in her apartment that night. He connects Catherine with his pal, PAUL JACKSON, who’s running for New York City mayor, in an underhanded effort to oversee the antiquities in and out of the auction house; Selnick is in bed with Vice President, Jim Bellevue, who wants to control Iraq’s oil, presumably to keep it out of the hands of the terrorists. They thus begin their unconventional and testy relationship.
Catherine has been aided in her rise at Hamilton’s by her father, archeologist DR. EDWARD SODER. He is selling looted antiquities to “respected” art dealers in order to expedite the authentication process through a loophole in the system, thus driving prices up. Unbeknownst to Catherine, he is in collusion with IAN ROYSTON, the most prolific and corrupt collector of raided antiquities in the world—and a good friend of VP Jim Bellevue.

When Catherine discovers she’s being offered the presidency at Hamilton’s, replacing her jealous boss, CECILE SMALL, she fears Cecile might try to interfere in some way, making the transition difficult for her. But as she takes over the company, she realizes she’s being controlled by some force greater than herself… or Cecile. Who is it? And to what lengths will they go to get what they want?

In the high-end, big money yet duplicitous world of antiquities, anything is possible…including terror, murder, political intrigue...and at the highest reaches of the most powerful governments in the world.

  • Barbara Ross
    Winner Best Writer Austin Film Festival Under the Sun
  • Kate Pearce McGowan
  • Project Type:
    Television Script
  • Genres:
    Action, Thriller, Suspense
  • Number of Pages:
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
  • Winner The International Writers Seminar Best Screenplay
    Los Angeles
    First Place
Writer Biography - Barbara Ross, Kate Pearce McGowan

Barbara Ross is a writer with a talent for combining elements of fantasy, thriller, and action genres, pairing historical events with modern-day dilemmas crafting suspenseful narratives championing women's issues where her female leads reign supreme.

Ross was recognized at the Austin Film Festival with the Best Writer Award and People's Choice Award for #WHATNEXT comedy series, produced by Bash Productions, starring Marietta Melrose. In the same year, she received the First Place Award at The International Writers Seminar for her screenplay "Miss Millennial."

Ross' latest suspense pilot, SOLD! is represented by Judith A. Moose, Midwest Literary Agency, Talent Agent TV Literary Agency, and JM Media Group.

Ross is an ambitious and motivated writer with a distinguished educational background with a Bachelor's degree in Technology, attending the highly respected UCLA Writers Extension Program and studies under celebrated experts such as Sony's Pilar Alessandra, Robert McKee and the acclaimed Playwright, Novelist, Produced Screenwriter and former USC professor, Donald Freed.

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