Private Project

Sohorer Upokotha

Anindya, a burnt-out young man who wants to make a movie for less money, buys a book by Sarkar Babu instead of Nabokav's "Lolita" in an old bookstore, called 'Baaki Itihas'. When the shopkeeper of the book called Biplob searched for Sarkar Babu's Maniktala house in the Third Theater, he ran away. He established his connection with the book and the outside world through Sarkar Babu's words.
He started reviewing and reading this book in his own house, unknowingly giving up his identity and entering the story ....
Mrigank Nag, who is a College teacher by profession, engages in short story conversations with his schoolteacher wife Moumita on a holiday around the age of thirty-five. When Mrigank hears the news of a recent suicide, Moumita, Ritwik and Tanima start writing the story of Moumita not getting the plot of the story, where they find a home of their own, breathing a nightmare in the midst of lower middle class life
Ritwik gets stuck in a bank loan case to satisfy his drunken father-in-law's filthy lust and their lives become miserable. When he realizes this, he leaves her to become the mistress of Ritwik's dear rich friend Aritra. Chooses as a resort.
Moumita reads this story to Mrigank and when she likes it, Mrigank starts writing the story in a new way. There, the school's headmaster, Ritwik, was caught red-handed while reading Nabokov's "Lolita" in the class of Ashoka, a meritorious student. Some memories of their life in Chambalgarh come up in the discussion with his wife Tanima.The story of the rape of a teenager named Parvati that the priest wants to forget but can't The rapist, when it was published, and in the book "Lolita", as the story of his 12-year-old daughter's perverted relationship with a father pushed him to the brink of more guilt, he chose the path of suicide as punishment.
Although this story of Mriganka is considered better by his wife Moumita, Mrigank goes through a strange feeling alone. The priest himself was overwhelmed in front of him. He tells the story of the history of a terrible catastrophe of human civilization, which tempts Mrigank to prepare for suicide. The priest keeps asking him why he is still alive, why every human being lives despite the same consequences of this daily life.
After reading the 'remaining page', Sarkar goes to Babu as if fascinated by the mantra. Even there, he finds out that this man has died several years ago, he has been talking to his
imagination for so long. Who is Parvati who wants to save her from a group of unruly youths riding bikes on the streets of Kolkata. Parvati chased him back. He wants to save Parvati. Whoever sees the characters in this story walking in different places, he also gets scared. The "remaining pages" of that old bookstore go back to the book Mrigank himself waited there with the gallows. He tells the story of a new revolution that awakens guilt even in the immaculate.
Anindya realizes that it is not possible for her to make this movie, and that even in her life, a demonic thought of social degradation slowly eats away at her, and she chooses death as the path to liberation.
Finally, a young man picks up the book, which sheds light on the imperfections of the movie .....

  • Bappa
  • Ashraf Shishir
  • Sri Krishna International Films
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    শহরের উপকথা
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    1 hour 39 minutes
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Director - Bappa