Independent horror film festival in the heart of London at the Variety Screening Room in the intimate and boutique Karma Sanctum Hotel; showing the best international films from horror, sci fi, thriller and fantasy.

Founded in 2018, our inaugural year saw us play host to 12 features (8 of which seeing their UK premiere) and 18 short films, which were received to a rapturous welcome to a sold out crowd and firmly established itself to holding a commitment to exhibit the best the genre has to offer, and delivered to the audience at a price not prohibitive to most.

"Now there is a new kid on the chopping block, the Soho Horror Film Festival, ... in the bijou basement cinema of the Karma Sanctum Hotel on Warwick Street.
Here, over two tight-packed days, 12 features and even more shorts (each carefully matched in theme to the accompanying feature) were screened, all under the fastidious and eclectic curation of programmer Mitch Harrod. The regendered trope-twisting hilarity of Laurel Vail’s What Metal Girls Are Into and Ilja Rautsi’s Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre were the standouts in what was a very strong showcase of shorts, while among the most enjoyable features were Trevor Stevens’ Rock Steady Row, Mike Testin and Matt Mercer’s madcap Dementia Part II, Luke Jaden’s family haunter Boo!. But the highlight of the weekend was Tilman Singer’s Luz, which headlined a special LGBTQ Queer Fears Gala" - Little White Lies

Sweet screams.

The Soho Horror Fest presents both a Jury & Audience award for best feature film and best short film.

Online screeners are the preferred method of submission, being less wasteful, more environmentally sound and cheaper.

We count film running times as follows:
Short Films: 1 min - 30 mins
Feature Films: 60 mins - 140 mins

Please note that by submitting a film you confirm that: You are authorised to submit the film to the festival, including all permissions from any distributor and/or sales agent associated with the film and that all necessary clearances (including music) have been made.

Overall Rating
  • Katie Bonham

    Soho Horror Film Festival is a well-crafted and welcoming home for audiences who want to see diverse and independent horror films. I had a wonderful time at this festival when my short film Midnight played. The audience was friendly and Mitch is a superstar!

    February 2020
  • Eric Power

    I had the good fortune of screening a film at Soho in 2019! Regretfully I wasn't able to attend, but the feedback I received made it clear the festival draws a very passionate film loving crowd. The communication with the fest was very much above average. I look forward to seeing this one grow with each year. Hopefully one day I'll be able to attend!

    February 2020
  • Geoff Harmer

    What a great festival this is! We had a great time and were made to feel very welcome. The projection and sound was absolutely spot on! The crowd were really warm and enthusiastic and the Mitch was awesome! A good experience all around!

    November 2019