The Social Short Film Fest (SSFF) aims to recognize films that deal with social issues in a very concise and real way. The SSFF highlights films that have an outstanding writing, directing and acting.

We have already heard a lot of times a combination of linked problems such as unemployment, exploitation, poor housing, drug addiction, poor health, high crime, homophobia, social exclusion, bullying, relationship abuse, psychological violence, child maltreatment, teenage pregnancy and family breakdown. These are just a few matters can change our relationships and change the person who we are. It affects people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and education levels.

There are a lot of rights that are worth fighting for and we have to preserve them as human beings. There will always be someone who is looking for safety and a better life. Unfortunately, some of these people are victims of human traffic, exploitation or slavery. We face some serious social problems and illegal immigration is one of the most talked on the news and one of the biggest problems in the world today.

Another social issue which is being talked about is the technological advance. We think it will dramatically shape the way we work and live now and for years to come. How can it change our daily lives? What's your point of view?

The SSFF is open to receive short films from all over the world and pay tribute to their magnificent achievement. We will showcase some of the films. Having a film being watched by an audience is one of the most exciting experiences you can have as a film director. The screening of the award nominees and award winning short films will take place at Barreiro Film Society.

All submitted short films will be reviewed. Then the short films whose match better with our selection criteria will be announced as the official award nominees (finalists). One of these finalists will be the winner in its category. There is 4 categories but there will be 5 awards at least:

- Best Short Film;
- Best Fiction Short Film;
- Best Documentary Short Film;
- Best Animation Short Film;
- Best Student Short Film.

The award nominees may also get an Honorable Mention.

Notice that the event organizers can reward a short film with a special prize if they find it interesting in a particular way.

The award winning short films will be screened and some award nominees are able to be screened as well.

Submission Rules:

1. It will be considered fiction, documentary and animation short films;
2. All non-English language films must have English subtitles;
3. All english entries selected to be screenned has to be sent with a dialogue list;
4. Films must be submitted via online screener (DVD copies won't be accepted);
5. Films must be available for screening in full HD video file (H.264 codec, .MOV or .MP4);
6. Short films may not exceed 30 minutes in length;
7. Short films must have been completed after January 1, 2017;
8. There is no limit on the number of films that each director / producer can submit;
9. Student I.D. required for entries under a “Student Short Film” category (send a copy to;
10. All entries must have a synopsis, trailer, director biography, crew list and the festival nominees/awards;
11. Written comments describing entries are beneficial (not required);
12. The selected films may be notified before the notification date;
13. The directors / producers of the films submitted declare that they hold the rights of all intellectual forms of expression of third parties contained in their films;
14. All nominees will be notified via e-mail and on the SSFF website;
15. The award nominees short films may not be withdrawn from the event programme after its participation has been officially confirmed;
16. All nominees allow us to use press materials from their films for promotional purposes and screening the film as well;
17. There is no screening fee;
18. The announced event date concerns to the screening date of the films and it may change in order to reach our target audience (we will let you know about all changes);
19. Some nominees and award winning short films can be screened more than one time according to cultural programmers interest;
20. Entries can be disqualified if they don't match with our submission rules;
21. Entry fees are non-refundable;
22. The submission of the short films results in acceptance of this regulation.

Selection Criteria:

a) Narrative consistency;
b) Use of photography and sound as a storytelling tool;
c) Technical and aesthetic quality;
d) Outstanding achievement in editing.

In the case of fiction films, it will also be evaluated:

e) Dialogues and the way the scenes are made;
f) Accuracy of directing actors and their performance.