*** Please don't give us Vimeo link , because Vimeo banned in our country ***

SODOC ( Solo Documentary Film Festival ) is documentary film festival. Sodoc dedicated to showcasing the spirit, passion and skills of independent filmmakers in the world to the audience in Solo, Central Java. The festival is to be held in the city of Solo ( Surakarta ), Central Java Indonesia, in October 2016. We only accept documentary film. We have screening regular every month. And this is the first festival documentary in Solo.

Best Documentary
Audience Award

*** Please don't give us Vimeo link for the film,
because Vimeo banned in our country ***

To participate at Festival it is necessary to submit a film films suitable to the criteria of the present rules through one of the following platforms (choice of the filmmaker):
• FilmFreeway

Documentary film from all over the world
Film produced after October 2014
Film no longer than 60 minutes
All film must be be subtitled in English (films in English must have the English dialogue list attached/ optional)

Documentary from Indonesian film only
Film produced after October 2015
Film no longer than 30 minutes
All film must be be subtitled in English (films in English must have the English dialogue list attached/ optional)

Together with the film you must submit the following documents:
1. A copy of the film for screening must be available on the platform choosed for submission
2. Synopsis
3. Subtitle file in English (.txt o .str)
4. Poster of the film (.jpg)
5. Foto of the Director (.jpg)

Upon registration of the film at the festival the author states:
• I have read, understood and fully respect all information of eligibility standards for enrollment, conditions and requirements;
• To the best of my knowledge, all the information I entered during the registration of the work are true;
• This work is not subject to any dispute, nor is threatened by any litigation;
• I am duly authorized to make this work at the festival;
• I certify that I have the full right to the use of music in the work that I entered;
• Authorize to use stills, titles, copy, and / or information of the film for promotional purposes;
• Authorize the artistic commissions and the jury charged by the Festival organization, including the popular juries, to watch the film directly on the platforms;
• Authorize to screen the film at the Festival and at any presentation of the Festival, programs, side and promotional events at any location in the world as long as organized or participated and authorized by the The Festival organization;
• Attention: We do not pay any screening fees for screening during the festival, programs or events. If the film-makers require any payment for the screening, the film will not be act