The 6th annual Southern Colorado Film Festival will take place from October 12-14, 2017. The festival invites all filmmakers to submit their work for consideration. The 2017 theme, CONVERGENCE, intends to inspire a diverse conversation about cinematic expression. The festival will screen works that display a wide range of regional, national, and international points of view. In addition to screenings, the festival will incorporate panels, workshops, and juror insights.

The Southern Colorado Film Festival takes place in Alamosa, CO, home to the Great Sand Dunes National Park, the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad, and 300 days of natural Colorado sunshine. Alamosa is located in the center of the San Luis Valley, the largest high Alpine Valley in the world. With Rocky Mountain panoramas to surround it, the San Luis Valley is an ideal setting for filmmakers and festival enthusiasts alike.

Stay tuned for information about the new festival award structure and jury panel for the 2017 festival!

1. The Southern Colorado Film Festival is a preferred FilmFreeway festival. Submissions are accepted exclusively via

2. SoCo FF welcomes all cinematic forms and genres. We will not exclude a film or video based on the production date. Both current and previous work(s) will be considered. Please refer to our "Categories & Fee" section for additional information about submission specifications.

3. The SoCo FF entry deadline is August 25th, 2017. We welcome submissions prior to this date. All entry fees are non refundable.

4. Under the "Digital Press Kit" section, we only require the following: 2 hi-res film stills, 1 Director (Filmmaker) Biography. Director (Filmmaker) headshot., trailers and posters are optional.

5. The festival does not accept works in progress. Works that appear unfinished will not be evaluated for submission.

6. Festival notification will be sent out via FilmFreeway or phone.

7. The preferred festival exhibition format is a digital file. We will screen .mp4 and .mov file types with H.264 or ProRes 422 compression. Frame size should be SD or HD. We also accept screening copies from a password protected Vimeo or Youtube link, but require that the file is available for download.

8. Under special circumstances, the festival may be able to accommodate DVD or Blu Ray formats for final exhibition (Not entry submissions). Any filmmakers wishing to screen on DVD or Blu Ray must provide relevant documentation of their special circumstances no later than four weeks before the festival opening date (by September 15th, 2017). The festival reserves the right to decline this format request. Please note, as mentioned above, we do not accept DVD or Blu Ray for festival consideration. All entry submissions must be uploaded via the FilmFreeway screener process.

9. All final exhibition files/formats must be submitted 14 days before the festival opening date. Films that do not specify a final exhibition format will be screened using the original screener. It is the responsibility of the filmmaker to arrange on-time delivery of the final exhibition file/format.

10. All accepted films grant the Southern Colorado Film Festival unrestricted use of the film(s)/video(s) and promotional materials for the purposes of exhibiting and promoting the festival. This includes promotion via print, online/internet, and all forms of broadcast media. Filmmakers retain full rights with regards to ownership and intellectual property.

Overall Rating
  • What a surprise! This beautiful little community in Southern Colorado was so welcoming and had such an active and engaged audience. I never knew there were such cinefiles off of the cosmic highway. Was honored to participate.

    October 2017
  • Danny Ledonne

    It's been great to see this festival continue to innovate and attract new filmmakers! I hope for its continued success in 2017.

    July 2017
  • Paul Zehrer

    Many thanks for your acknowledgment! Sorry we couldn't be there in person.

    October 2016
  • Carolyn Sortor

    Unfortunately, I was not able to attend; but I had a great experience as a maker. Personally, I found this year's theme, "Borderless,” a great one for the experimentally-inclined; more generally, (1) communications were prompt and included all info needed, (2) to the extent any questions arose, the staff were very accessible, helpful, and accommodating, (3) the festival encouraged makers to provide the highest-possible quality formats, so seemed to really care about making sure our works looked and sounded great, and (4) the festival provided "laurel" graphics for all works included, as well as the opportunity to be considered for prizes, some of which entailed cash. This festival is relatively new but based on my own experience, has a bright future. Thanks to everyone who helps make it happen!

    October 2016
  • Stephanie Maxwell

    I so wanted to be at this festival! Maybe for my next film ;)
    Great communication with the staff.

    October 2016