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Smiley and the Brainy Kids

Smiley and the Brave Kids is a 3D-animated Science-fiction adventure about five ordinary kids who meet a robot boy, Smiley from a distant planet.
With the help of Smiley the kids journey through strange worlds where they meet weird and fearsome creatures and eventually unlock their innate abilities and so become Super heroes. Together, Smiley and the Brave kids battle against three deadly robot super-villains, a nasty Gremlin and his army of huge
axe-wielding Troglodytes and save our world from destruction.

This story about friendship, loyalty and courage delivers a message of hope for all who seek self-actualization.

  • Andrew Abulu
    Game World. Cubby Brown and Patches
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  • 9th Script and Storyboard Showcase competition
    Los Angeles, USA
    July 22, 2019
    Quarter finalist
Writer Biography - Andrew Abulu

After over thirty years in engineering, Abulu's love for gadgets and innovations led him into research and development in theoretical physics. Unable to produce these high-tech designs he began to write technical papers and essays in science futures called the "Imagine-that" series. His essay, "Visions Of The World In The New Millennium" was widely published in National newspapers in Nigeria, on many online magazines and as the cover story in the millennium edition of The Nigerian Society of Engineers magazine.
Still unsatisfied that his innovations were "not coming to life", Mr. Abulu began to write science fiction movie scripts. To turn these scripts to movies required computer visual effects and animation. At that time, fifteen years ago, animation techniques and tools were still exclusive to big digital studios. Internet access in Nigeria was not common and there was no animation school in the country. Abulu met a lot of "dead ends" and discouragement from close friends because it was clear to them that producing an animated movie would not only cost millions of Dollars, it would also require hundreds of trained animators working for several years to produce just one animated movie. Motivated by his motto, "If some people can do it, then I can too" Abulu took lessons from animation print magazines, using the demo software provided. After four years of self-training, Abulu produced his first short animation, "ABIKU". The nine minutes movie was inspired by Prof. Wole Soyinka's epic poem. In 2005, the movie won an award in Nigeria and brought Abulu into limelight.

Several short movies and commissioned animation project followed the ABIKU movie and Mr. Abulu's company, CGI AFRICA LTD became the leading digital studio in Nigeria.

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Our objective is to create educational and entertaining children's content to help develop their individual talents and boost self-confidence. The company also develops and runs ICT carrier guidance, enlightenment and training programs, specifically in the areas of basic and advanced computer generated imagery (CGI).