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Six teens, unlikely to become friends, meet in summer school. Thus begins the journey into the world of women's tackle football.

  • Arlene Lagos
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    Television Script
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    Teen Drama, Sports
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    United States
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  • Arlene Lagos
Writer Biography - Arlene Lagos

Lagos, A Boston native and writer for more than 25 years, has written a dozen novels, three feature films, over 20 short films, and two tv pilots. Her production company, DAME Media has recently re-launched in Florida as a female-driven production company. Currently, she is shopping her pilot comedy, “Teachers Lounge”, as well as filming a 30 episode series of shorts called, “The Spill” which highlights work written and directed by women. Another project starting in 2021 is the feature film “Outside the Circle” the adaptation of her children’s novel, and the feature film, “Butterflies Wake”, also adapted from her novel of the same name. She currently resides in Florida where she continues to write.

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Writer Statement

Female football is not the only gender stereotype to be
smashed, but its a good start! With unwavering differences in social status and friendship circles, six teens try to survive the upcoming year of high school and preserve their
This pilot begs the question, what would have happened to the cast of The Breakfast Club once school started? Would they have stayed friends? Throw women's tackle football in the mix of dating, teen drama and hormones and all sorts of questions come floating to the top.
Why: People love football. Teens love teenage drama. There are over 6000 female football players currently playing
professional women's tackle football in America. Not to mention the number of family members, friends and fans that support them. There are teams in every major city including Orlando, NYC, and Boston to name a few.
There ARE girls playing high school football on teams with boys. It's real, it's relevant, and it's timely. Its a narrative that has yet to be explored but shouldn't be ignored.