"Hope Trumps Hate"
(online only)
$2,500 Grand Prize

$2,500 Grand Prize

Official Rules:

Video must be 10 minutes or less (.mov, .mp4, .mkv)

It may NOT contain any language that the SOH Board of Directors considers to be offensive or against the mission and philosophy of SOH.

Must contain ALL original material (formats may vary).

Submission deadline: October 15th, 2017

Entrants must pay $25 registration fee through Crowdrise fundraiser in order to qualify for $2,500 GRAND PRIZE.

SOH retains the right to review the total number of entries at any time and make a determination that there are compelling reasons to withdraw the contest. If such a determination is made, SOH will notify all pending entrants and refund all entry fees. SOH is not responsible and not liable for any costs entrants may have incurred, other than the entry fee, as a result of their participation in this contest.
By submitting their contest material, all entrants knowingly give permission to SOH a license to advertise and use their product/content/material on its website and other SOH public outlets for its own use and at no cost to SOH.

*Please EMAIL LINK to smallorangehands@gmail.com

CROWDRISE Fundraiser: https://www.crowdrise.com/small-orange-hands/fundraiser/motorcitypictures