Following the cancellation of the Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival this year (they tried to censor us!) Small Axe has found a new home in the Radical Cinema venue at the Green Gathering.

Our programme is unchanged.
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Small Axe is a film competition for films with something to say.

• No film can be too political
• We accept everything - from direct polemic, to experimental film, from original fiction to observational documentary.
• We want opinion, analysis, personal stories, ideology, vision and fresh perspectives.
• Challenge, explore, celebrate, discuss…

In short, any film that you feel is radical is welcome. As long as it is short (under 30 minutes).

Films will be screened in the Radical Cinema venue at the Green Gathering near chepstow between the 3rd and 6th of August.

Our jury is made up of previous award winners, political activists and experienced filmmakers. See more on the website. Our Patrons and supporters include Paul Watson and Ken Loach.

Films made by established activists and film-makers:

Best Factual Film
Best Fiction Film

Films made by Students and first time filmmakers:

Best Fiction Film
Best Factual Film

Best film by a filmmaker under 18 years old

Overall Rating
  • Alexander Kereklidis Turpin

    I can not enough stress the gratitude I feel towards Small Axe. Having participated with films both in 2018 and 2023, I am of course biased. But I still want to express my sincere appreciation. Not many festivals out there really commit to political and radical short films the way Small Axe do, paving the way for such films and holding their ground against outer pressure. Communications have always been good and there is also networking possibilities within the radical film network. This year they also took the time writing the most meaningful review I have ever got on the festival circuit.
    I wish Small Axe the best of luck with future editions!

    November 2023
    Small axe 200
    Response from festival:

    Thank you! Its always nice to get good feedback but its only possible because of the films you submit - OK not just you, but you know what I mean ;-) We'll keep trying to do this right.

  • Gemma Whitworth

    I was pleased my film Drowning was selected for the festival and even more thrilled that it won prizes for Best Student Documentary. The reviews of the films on the website are also a lovely bonus.

    August 2023
  • Jemima Hughes

    I'm really pleased my animation Unbound was selected for this festival. It looked a very interesting programme and I'm happy it was screened at the Green Gathering, although I couldn't go. However, since the film was selected it's been difficult to find out much about the festival, I just saw the programme and list of awards on the website but no social media posts or news. The social media accounts are still for the Tolpuddle festival and have no updates, and the only contact was from Film Freeway. I was a bit disappointed not to find any news or photos to read and share.

    August 2023
    Small axe 200
    Response from festival:

    Hi Jemima, I’m really sorry you found the communication lacking, you are right we have almost no social media presence. It is simply something we have not found the time and space to do! The competition is run on an entirely voluntary basis with no funding behind it, so a proper social media strategy remains an aspiration. As you say, we previously had Twitter and Facebook but no-one involved has any enthusiasm for using them. We have just started using the blog function of the website ( ) as well as setting up a mastodon account ( ) you can also join the mailing list from the website and of course feel free to email anytime using the address on the messages we have sent you.

  • Robert Menefee

    I’m feel honored that my film “Climate Emergency” was selected. I’m sorry I couldn’t attend in person, but I know that Small Axe is a first rate festival because I found some of the people selected last year, and I looked at their work on Vimeo. I’m proud to be included in such company.

    August 2023
  • Really pleased that I was able to attend this festival. I had a fun time here and the team were absolutely wonderful. The vintage cinema bus was the perfect setting to share our film with the world.

    Thank you Small Axe!

    September 2022
    Small axe 200
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for the feedback. It was great to meet you and a real pleasure to have you there in in reaql life :)