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  • Paul Vitty
  • Paul Vitty
  • Venture Wolf
  • James Paul Taylor
    Key Cast
  • Elektra Mavro
    Key Cast
  • Darren Lacey
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    14 minutes 49 seconds
  • Production Budget:
    200 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United Kingdom
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    Digital HD
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Paul Vitty

Known for his striking bright blue eyes and laid back yet passionate charm Paul’s dedication and vision have creates bold and emotive film which plays homage to the great movies of the past whilst establishing a new rebellious spirit determinate to tell the story with a clear innovative voice.

It would take more than one film to tell Paul’s own story! Despite being young for a director Paul’s life has been anything but dull; growing up in a small relatively poor town thirty miles north of London Paul grew up in a world surrounded by characters and with an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a love of movies.

First turning his hand to directed at 8 years old and performing in over 30 productions by the time he was 16, his professional life in the arts began working alongside cult 60’s music singer, Arthur Brown (The God of Hell fire) .Paul’s role providing support and managerial advice which help the influentially singer gained a resurgence in profile and win his first national award Classic Rock Showman of the Year. After a year’s steep learning curve in the music industry and a semi-regular slot on a local BBC radio programme talking about Blues and Soul singer, he drifted away from music and theatre and found himself working with a small youth homelessness charity. Setting up a homeless prevention programme for local schools and key working young homeless it would be the start of a decade long association with charities that has helped grow and mould the young director.

Known for Personality and vision has often seems to thrive on difficult and sometime extremely serious challenges. Learning disability charity in danger of losing it funding, help create a new volunteer programme for a family support charity and founded a youth festival. By the age 25 Paul had been award the tiles of Legend of The Year at the V Volunteer Awards recognising his inspiration leadership.

Despite living what should have been a very fulfilling life and occasionally playing his fender Stratocaster and fronting a rock and roll band, Paul’s desire to act and direct saw him take the decision to move to London and return to his the stage. As a mature university student Paul soon picked up leading roles and resumed his old passions for writing and directing with a wiliness to take creative risks. By the time of his final class Paul had just completed playing the leading roles in numerous short films and was in rehearsals for a royal gala theatre erformance. He made his London professional stage debut as Christopher Marlowe’s notoriously daunting role of Tamburlaine and was describe by one critic as ‘Marlon Brando directed by Che Chevera.’

Soon after graduation Paul laced up his jungle boots and heading to Africa travelling to take on a 3,000 mile overland journey. In his time travelling across Africa living in a ten countries saw left him with many new stories to tell including his truck getting trapped in rioting mobs, a city rocked by mortar fire, national fuel crisis not to mention his encounters with Lions and Gorillas! Paul then spent the next few years directing plays on the London Fringe and acting in a variety of films and commercials. He directed a sold out production of The Merchant of Venice in 2013, his 2014 production of Edward II was describe as ‘ a moody masterpiece.’ Paul made his Feature Film directorial debut with Romeo and Juliet in 2017

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Director Statement

Slumberland aims to combine the psychological intensity of Kubrick, the suspense of Hitchcock with the vulnerabilities of modern life. For me the best horrors manage to get into your psyche, the fear of the unknown, where something at first leaves you trying to reassure yourself its fiction but you can’t help but wonder what if it is real, what if it could happened to me?

I wanted to create a movie that didn’t simply make you jump but afterwards leaves you slightly unnerved. Where as an audience hours after watching, the concept or images suddenly return to your thoughts and leaves your uncomfortable.In Slumberland I’ve combined psychological with supernatural to explore our own vulnerabilities, embedding the style of classic suspense within the action with a chilling comment on contemporary life.

For me we are at out most vulnerable is when we are asleep, how could we possibly know what goes on around us? It occurred to me that with a constant housing crisis in London, many people are now are forced into house shares with strangers or moving in with people they don’t quite know far sooner than they would if there was an alternative. Young couples I know seem to move in really quickly but how well do you know someone until you live with them? Slumberland follows the story of a young couple who have just moved in. Though at first it seems normal small habits bothering each other these soon escalate to more serious and potentially deadly. Blaming each other it doesn’t occur to them it could be someone or something else. When Marie finally sees Slumberman, her partner Robert dismisses it as her being highly strung.

The film offer no explanation of the Slumberman and leave us along with the couple questioning is he’s real or a part of the young couples subconscious. At night when reality is questioned the line vulnerability and fear become dangerously blurred.