Slayin' Alive

Ryan and Amanda just want to go out to a Halloween Party. Their fate is changed when a storm causes a power outage while they're in a liquor store. A tentacle monster lands on their car and chases them to a Halloween party. The party is in full swing and they are having a blast when the tentacle monster appears at the party and drags a helpless partygoer away. Ryan and Amanda flee the party and try to run home. During their flee to safety they must battle and kill the tentacle monster. Exhausted and bloody they arrive home safe, but are they safe?

  • Jessica Hewitt
  • Project Type:
    Short Script
  • Genres:
    Comedy, Horror
  • Number of Pages:
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Language:
  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
Writer Biography - Jessica Hewitt

Jessica Hewitt only entered the screenwriting competition world a few years ago and she has already received accolades and is hoping this year is her year to win. At about the same time that she started entering competitions she started working in the tv/film industry. Jessica also happens to make the best dang carne guisada north of San Antonio.

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Writer Statement

When a friend said he wanted to wear a 70s black shirt with the famous white suit from Saturday Night Fever in a movie, I knew I had a challenge! The script went through a couple of different major changes before I settled on a Faceless Creature Feature. After bouts of "Eureka!" and "back to the drawing board" moments I have successfully created a night of disco suits, dancing, Halloween, and monsters.