We're back for round two, baby!

Our last party may have gotten busted but this one is gonna be even bigger and better. To get you newcomers up to speed--we’re hosting a HOUSE PARTY! In your HOUSE! In my HOUSE! In every HOUSE!

We’re putting together our second showcase of the best, craziest, wackiest and wildest comedy sketches, shorts, skits & bits from around the country (and the globe)--and we want what YOU got!

Come on in! It's very fun.

We assure you. It's fun! A good time! Yes!

*Official Selection laurels for all accepted videos.*

Submit whatever you want-(preferably 1- 4 minutes) as long as it spreads the laughter at a safe social distance.

Filmmakers can submit up to two movies for consideration. All shapes of shorts are acceptable submissions, as long as they’re funny, but we’ll be cutting off submissions that are longer than 7 minutes.

All videos MUST be granted permission to use any copyrighted material. No pornographic, racist, xenophobic, sexist, transphobic (etc.) material will be considered.

For our upcoming Winter 2020 showcase, we're working with an outside video streaming service/app (TVCO) to screen our program on. If accepted, we ask that you allow us to screen your comedy short/sketch on this platform, otherwise we cannot guarantee its placement in the festival.

*Any international films that are not in English MUST have English subtitles or it will not be considered.*

If you have any further questions or concerns please email us at sketchuphouseparty@gmail.com.