If you are a learning disabled artist that expresses themselves on screen, through film then this is your festival.

Luckily South Australia has been pretty COVID free so we have been able to get outside and shoot content and get inspired.

In 2022 in light of the changed world we now live in and because we are all so familiar with remote hosting technology, SDSW will continue with its expanded online format but will also make sure to host face-to-face screenings and red carpet events whenever possible.

As with 2020, SDSW 2022 will be a festival of multiple screenings, dynamic workshops, topical talks and interactive trans global activities.

With online viewing making the festival more accessible, 2020 saw our biggest audience yet, so in 2022 we anticipate an even bigger audience to attend our even more accessible festival.

Watch this space for event details as we harvest our creative ideas.

The Sit Down, Shutup and Watch Film & New Media Festival Awards celebrate and acknowledge the work of learning disabled filmmakers and Awards are presented in multiple areas.

This festival only accepts submissions from filmmakers and screen artists with learning disability.

Only filmmakers and screen artists with learning disability can enter content.

Non -disabled people and organisations can give support and advice.

Films must be 10 mins or under not including Credits.

For accessibility, films must have Closed Captions (in English) even if the dialogue is in English.

The content you submit must be your own work.

We will not accept films that breach international copyright laws.

The music you use must either be licensed to you, or free to use under creative commons, or be made by you.

In summary, you must have permission in writing to use all the music, sound and images of people in your film.

Any content that is offensive, discriminatory or illegal will not be accepted.

All Filmmakers must email suzanne.merrall@tutti.org.au to obtain the relevant Entry and Permission forms.

Films should be submitted in the following format:
File type -.MOV files or MP4
Compression - H.264
Ratio format -1920 x 1080p
Colour encoding system - PAL

Overall Rating
  • Peter Dorn Ravlin

    Thank you so much for selecting Dust Angel for your festival my learning disability is dyspraxia I might be a tad on the autistic spectrum filmmaking has been the one area of my life I am successful in in many other areas that are easy for others I struggle in and I assume is that way for many others who submitted to this festival so thank you for allowing us to share our work take care myself Peter

    November 2022
  • A great and brave festival, a very honest and nice communication.

    November 2020
  • Ashlee London

    Great festival to be a part of! Good work to all involved!

    October 2020
  • Gracias pro su tratamiento.
    Y su amabilidad.

    November 2018
  • Koba Tskhakaia

    Your festival is a very interesting event!

    October 2018