Private Project


A new take on the gruesome Jack the Ripper killings which terrorised the London slums in 1888. He outrageously murdered and mutilated a string of prostitutes - on the street - and sent boastful letters and body parts to the Police. But he was never caught.

Unlike most films about JTR, this one does not seek to identify a new suspect and finally solve the case (there are already around100 theoretical 'Suspects'). Instead it concerns itself with whatever happened to him. Why did he suddenly stop killing at the height of his murderous infamy, with London's East End in terror, his bloody deeds in all the papers and the Police in humiliating confusion?

All dates, names, places, events and murder descriptions are historically accurate - except for the conclusion, which no one knows. Strong gore and profanity. .

Loosely based on a real suspect.

  • William Samson
  • John Bolbot
  • William Samson
  • Runtime:
    26 minutes 14 seconds
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director - William Samson